What are The Spring 2017 Lip Looks

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What are The Spring 2017 Lip Looks

Spring is a time for new, fresh and vibrant colours, and what better way to shake off the winter blues than with a brand new lick of colour for your lips?

Whether you work in an office, or are something of a trendsetter amongst your friends, to get started on your springtime colour journey take a look at these amazing options.


Matte Crimson

A warm colour that brightens any day, matte crimson is an instant breath of fresh air. Not too ostentatious for the workplace, and perfect for a night out with the girls, a crimson colour adds some sophistication to your day.
Seen on the runways of Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana, this look is set to flourish as we head into summer.


Shimmery Pink

If you can’t yet commit to a bold statement, try a shimmery lip colour to bring you from the brittle cold to a warmer spring.

A shimmery pink is the perfect addition to your makeup bag, working well as an evening flash of vibrancy, the warmer colour combined with the shimmer bridges the seasons with perfect ease.


Electric Orange

Whether you’re swathed in a cosy scarf, or peeling away the layers for a cosy brunch with friends, electric orange lip colour combines the warmth of a traditional lip stain with the fun aspects of the youth-centric orange. This colour is ideal for an evening out at your favourite bar, or for meeting new clients over a coffee.


Classic Coral

A coral lip stain has remained among one of the more popular spring colours because it works with cool and warm skin tones.

Offering a touch of colour without being heavy or dramatic, coral adds a much-needed splash of brightness as you head out of the tail end of winter.


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Add some sparkle with a little Glitter

A perfect Friday night pout has to come with glitter. Whether you’re using a deep plum, dusty rose or shimmering pink, you can’t ignore the power of a plump, sparkling pout. Do you know the best part? You can go from day to night with just a swipe of a glitter gloss over the top of your day colour.


Fantastic Fuchsia

Spring brings us further away from pastel pinks and closer to the warmth of botanicals. Fuchsia lipstick combines the fun, young aspects of a pink, with the maturity of depth to create a lip stain that’s perfect for work or a night out on the town.


Gradient Lip Stains

Immensely popular within Asia, gradient lip stains are growing in popularity across the globe because the gentle colouring heightens the natural aspects of your lips.

Requiring a couple of steps, you start by lightly tapping concealer all over the lips to create an even canvas, blotting with a tissue to remove excess colour. Then, using a crayon-like colour that provides a precision line, run the stain along the inner rim of your top and bottom lips – focusing on the centre of your mouth.

Take a silicon blender and smudge the pigment toward the corners of your mouth, keeping in mind that your mouth should be brightest at its centre. A tip is to try and blend the lipstick horizontally, not vertically, ensuring to keep a visible rim of concealer on the perimeter. Blot your lips to remove any excess oil, locking the colour in place.


Dusty Rose

A colour that can be worn all-year-round, dusty rose is a gentle, sophisticated colour that can take you from autumn right through to spring without missing a beat.

Perfect for the workplace, a dusty rose adds some warmth without overpowering or dominating your makeup or overall look.