Thursday, March 22, 2018

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Fringes That Will Work in Summer

Fringes That Will Work in Summer

Whenever summer rocks around, I get the overwhelming urge to do something awesome and bold with my hair. I think it’s that combination of knowing that I’ll be out heaps more often than usual, wearing far fewer clothes than winter, and wanting to really kick up my look a notch to stand out and just […]

Some Hairstyles to Check Out This Winter

Some Hairstyles to Check Out This Winter

What’s your go-to winter plan for your hair? With all the chilly drizzles, you probably just tuck it in a winter hat and forget about it. And when you’re indoors, chances the air conditioning frizzes it out. Well, just because the weather sucks doesn’t mean your hair should too. There’s a lot you can do […]

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How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Choice: The Wedding Dress Edition

There’s a phrase for being overwhelmed by choice; you know decision paralysis. It happens when we have so many choices that we simply can’t make a decision – we are paralysed. You might have experienced it when you were shopping for groceries before. There are so many different brands for the same item, so many […]

Tips for choosing your wedding dress and bridal accessories

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress And Bridal Accessories

As soon as you have said yes, your mind turns to thinking about how you want your wedding day to be, where you want to get married, when, and what dress you’ll choose. Perhaps you have been dreaming of this day for a long time, so you probably already have a few ideas in mind […]

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