Can Synthetic Hair Extensions Still Look Good

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Hair extensions can be an absolute blessing for guys and girls who love to switch-up their look with different colours and lengths. From weddings to dance clubs, there is guaranteed to be a product that’s right to suit your style needs, but the key question is this: can synthetic hair extensions still look as good as the real thing?

To understand the benefits and negatives, you first have to explore how the products work with client hair.


Synthetic Hair

Made from nylon, synthetic hair is largely used for special occasions where dramatic shape, length or colour is a must-have.


What are the benefits?

  • Affordability: Synthetic hair is very affordable, so it’s a great place to start for newcomers to the hair extension world.
  • Easy to care for: Synthetic locks require little more than a gentle wash and pat down before air-drying.
  • More fun shades and colours: Want to add a splash of colour to your hair for a special occasion? Synthetic hair is made in a variety of fun colours from pretty pastels to vibrant, out-there neon.
  • Resilient shape: With many products treated to hold their style no matter what condition, synthetic hair can withstand wind and humidity without losing its style.


What are the downfalls?

  • Unnatural shine: Because it’s made of nylon, synthetic hair looks dramatically different when placed against natural hair. There are products on the market designed to dull this plastic finish, but it is a huge deal-breaker for those after a more natural look.
  • Strange feel: As it can’t replicate all aspects of the hair follicle, synthetic hair carries a different weight and bulk that feels markedly different.
  • Needs more regular replacing: As a cheaper product, the bindings that hold the synthetic hair in place aren’t designed for long-term use, so you will have to replace these as they wear.
  • You can’t always change the style: Unless you’re purchasing synthetic hair that’s specifically designed for heat treating, you cannot straighten or curl your extensions.
  • Manufacturing limitations: Synthetic hair cannot be coloured to match your hair, so either make sure you’re happy with the product as-is or aim to purchase a fun party-set for special occasions.


How can you blend synthetic hair into natural hair?

  • Learn to professionally attach the extension: Learning how to securely and inconspicuously attach your extensions can create the look you always wanted without it looking strange or risking it later falling out.
  • Create a seamless theme: Whether it’s mimicking the same relaxed curl throughout your hair, or adding a complimentary touch of colour, a great way to blend synthetic hair is to create a specific look to accommodate your hair extensions.


How to make synthetic hair extension looks good


Human Hair

Extensions made from human hair come in a variety of options, but only the best outlets use 100% Remy Human Hair: where hair is sorted by matching the cuticles for the greatest look, natural feel and longevity.


What are the positives?

  • Mimics or improves texture: As a natural product, human hair extensions can be chosen to either mimic your existing hair texture, or improve what a client may think is a thin or flat style.
  • Colours can be expertly matched: Your hairdresser will take a critical look at how to colour-match your extensions for a natural, seamless result. Some clients can even request a balayage effect for a dramatic result.
  • Longevity of wear: A premium product, human hair extensions are made to last – most clients can expect their pieces to last over a year with proper care and maintenance.
  • Outstanding look and feel: Nothing looks or feels better than real hair!


What are the downfalls?

  • Relatively expensive: Costing several hundreds of dollars, human hair extensions are investment pieces for your wardrobe.
  • Difficulty re-colouring: Once your hairdresser has coloured the extensions to suit, it is not recommended for you to do any additional colour changes without consulting your hairdresser first. Some colours may be unachievable even in a salon, and packet colouring kits can ruin the hair from the inside out.
  • Needs careful styling and cleaning: As a natural product, human hair extensions require regular gentle cleaning and styling – just like your existing hair.

Human hair traps sweat and grime, so for the best look make sure to follow your hairdresser’s care instructions.