Choosing The Best Colour Palette for Your Skin Tone

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choosing A colour Palette for your skin tone


Choosing a colour palette for your skin tone

Your wedding day is a special time to doll-up and enjoy a day where you and your partner are the celebrated centre of attention; so getting your wedding theme to work with your desires and features is an important part.

One area to consider is the colour scheme. The wrong colour can make you look washed out and tired; hardly the look for a blushing bride and her bridesmaids!

Understanding how to choose colours is the first step to building a cohesive scheme, so let’s start!


Choose the Best Colour Palatte for your Sking Tone


Figure Out If You Have Warm, Cool or Combination Toned Skin

As obscure as it sounds, people generally fall into one of three types of skin tones: warm, cool and combination.

To figure out what skin tone you have, ask yourself:

  • Are the veins on my inner-wrist blue, green or both?
  • Do I burn easily?
  • Does gold or silver jewellery look better on my skin?
  • Are my eyes golden brown, green, blue or hazel with gold flecks?
  • Are my eyes brown-blackish, grey, steel blue or hazel with grey flecks?

If your veins look green, you don’t burn easily, gold jewellery looks better on you and you have golden brown, green, blue or hazel with gold flecks – you have more warm-toned skin.

If you’re the opposite with blue veins, you burn easily, silver jewellery looks best and you have brown-blackish, grey, steel blue or hazel with grey-flecked eyes – you have cool-toned skin.

If you’re a mix of both, chances are you have combination skin, so you can explore the full colour palette to find the swatches that suit you best!


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Combine colours that complement and enhance

If you’re warm-toned, the sorts of colours that look best include: If you’re cool-toned, the types of swatches that look best include:
  • Champagne
  • Ivory
  • Honey
  • Pale green
  • Salmon
  • Antique gold
  • Coral
  • Chocolate browns
  • Leafy green
  • Deep terracotta
  • Bright white
  • Silver
  • Aqua
  • Sky blue
  • Lilac
  • Baby pinks
  • Slate grey
  • Denim blue
  • Taupe
  • Cerise
  • Navy
  • Burgundy



Choose signature colours and use them sparingly to tie together your look

Unless you’re looking to fork out for a custom-made dress, there are ways to inexpensively tie together a signature colour scheme.

If your heart is set on adding a touch of colour to your dress, look at inserting a coloured petticoat for a sheer colour enhancement, a ribbon at the waistline, or some faintly coloured pearls and beads on the bodice.

Other ways to create a beautiful scheme is to look at including the colours prominently in your:

  • Bouquet: If your favourite colour is green, a thick, lush bunch of baby’s breath, gum leaves or succulents can help create impact. Similarly, blushes, apricots, lilacs and ochre can be replicated with seasonal and fake flowers for a gorgeous theme.
  • Invitations: Printing your invitations and RSVP cards in your favourite theme colours can reiterate your design choice from the first day to the big day.
  • Place cards: Decorative seating or place cards can bed-down your theme with touching embellishments and custom printing.
  • Table features: Table features can be as complicated and expensive as you want them to be. Candles, flowers, and hand-painted pottery and glassware can echo your theme from table-to-table.
  • Jewellery: Clips, slides, earrings, necklaces and bracelets all allow for a level of personalisation that may otherwise be absent from your dress. Costume jewellers offer a huge range of colours and designs, but those handy with a spray can and paintbrush can make something perfectly unique.