Essential Items for Bridal Makeup

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Every bride wants to look exceptionally beautiful on her big day. Aside from the wedding dress, what will make her outstanding is the makeup that will be used on her face. Some women prefer to have their own kit to make sure that the artist will use the products right for their skin types and the brands their faces are familiar with. If you are one of them, you should ensure that all the essential items are inside your bridal makeup kit. Begin checking your list.

Item #1 Lipstick

Definitely, you already have this in your bridal makeup bag. However, do you have the shade that you want or that is best for the special occasion? Remember, it’s your wedding day. You do not want to look like you are just going to the office. Have at least 8 to 10 different shades of lipsticks that you can try before the big day. Don’t forget the lip gloss.


Item #2 Primer

Some women are not aware of the importance of using a primer. It will make your makeup last longer. You very well know that it will take you long hours before you reach the reception and do a retouch. This is why you badly need a primer. Don’t ignore the eye shadow primer as well as it will be the base for your eye shadow. It will avoid creasing, improve color and again let the eye shadow makeup last longer.


Item #3 Foundation

Foundation is a regular in every bridal makeup as it offers defined look and makes your face looks smooth. It also conceals dark and age spots, skin blemishes and others. However, see to it that the foundation you have is best for your skin type and complexion.


Item #4 Compact and BB Cream

Make your skin look smooth and even using compact. Likewise, hydrate and brighten your skin using BB cream. It comes with SPF formula to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


Item #5 Eyeliner and Eye Shadow

Don’t forget to give your eyes the attention that it needs. The eyeliner and eye shadow will give you a perfect pair of eyes. Make sure you have different shades available so you have a lot of options to come up with a stunning bridal look.


You should also keep a blusher to give your cheeks that rosy glow, makeup brushes to blend the makeup, mascara and eyebrow trimmer and lip liner. But did you know that a bridal makeup should also include safety pins, fashion tape, wet tissues, hair spray and perfume? Nail paint and nail paint remover are options that you should consider. Keep a number of nail paints and a remover in case you change your mind and you want a different color. All of these make for a complete bridal makeup kit.


Your bridal makeup may be all too complete, but don’t fail to talk to your makeup artist and discuss with him/her the look that you wish for.