Winter Warmers: My Favourite Winter-worthy Toppings

Ham, tomato and arugula pizza

Thanks to my favourite pizza delivery store I can have pizza at almost any hour and since I love that Italian pie, I could have it every day, every week throughout the year. I love to celebrate the first rays of sunshine in spring with a light asparagus pizza topped with goat cheese, have a peri-peri chicken pie to go with an ice-cold beer at the festival in summer or indulge in a hearty calzone in autumn filled with fresh mushrooms, spinach and garlic. Thus, for me, pizza is always on my mind and in season.

With the cold days and early dusk upon us, there are probably a lot of evenings ahead when we just want to snuggle up with our favourite series on and enjoy a slice of piping hot pizza to warm our bellies and our heart. And as roots and nuts are the winter vegetables of any kitchen, I have put together a list of delicious pizzas with a winter flavour profile and vegetables topping combinations for you to enjoy when you are in need of hearty, rustic, comfort food.


Turkey sausage and Brussels sprouts

Fulfil your savoury desire with delicious sausage meat and get the nutrients from the sprouts. Brussels sprouts have been linked to many health benefits, as they are high in nutrients and antioxidants, which might help to prevent cancer. This winter pizza is great paired with a glass of crisp white to go with the rich provolone cheese and the hearty pesto.


Sweet potato and kale

If you feel guilty about craving pizza every day and are looking for a vegetarian and healthy topping to feel good about it, this one is for you. Pulsed sweet potatoes make the sauce for this delicious pizza that is then topped with pieces of kale, goat’s cheese, red pepper flakes, Parmesan and walnuts.


Pumpkin patch

This pizza is a great choice for anybody who wants to celebrate autumn flavours on a pizza. The crust has a pumpkin base that is topped with baby spinach, roast capsicum, cherry tomatoes, creamy feta and mozzarella. Topped off with some cashews for a certain crunch this vegetarian pizza is created for gourmet taste buds.


Spicy lamb

Topped with Greek yoghurt and finished off with lemon to de-spice the jalapenos, this hearty pie will cater all meat lovers. The star of this pizza is the spicy lamb combined with baby spinach and fetta cheese, which completes this, pies broad flavour palette, adding a Middle Eastern twist to it.


Goat cheese, apple and pecan

Another pie that is not heavy is this one. We all remember the saying: an apple day… don’t we? The healthy fruit goes incredibly well with the tangy goat cheese and the pecans add a nice crunch to each slice. This sweet and savoury pizza is a great variation from the common heavy slices.


Buffalo cauliflower with blue cheese

Even though this topping combination sounds a little weird at first, it really works and is absolutely delicious. Roasted cauliflower florets tossed in spicy buffalo sauce to deepen its flavour, and then topped with tangy but creamy blue cheese is a flavourful combination for a winter pizza.


Sheep Camembert, garlic and sundried tomatoes

Classic Camemberts are usually made of cow’s milk, but this cheese is different with its rich and grassy note, making this pizza perfect for a wine and cheese affair. The cheeses flavours are complemented by the sweetness of the garlic and the tangy tomatoes. Finished off with some chopped rosemary this pie might become your winter favourite.


Red potato, sausage and Fontina

Even though you might think putting potatoes on pizza is a little odd, it is actually quite a popular topping in Italy. The hearty spud paired with some mild Italian sausage meat gives this crust a rustic touch. The gooey Fontina cheese will cover all the other delicious ingredients such as red pepper flakes, sweet roasted garlic and sprigs of fresh rosemary.


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