Some Summer 2017 Colour Palettes for Property Styling

Some Summer 2017 Colour Palettes for Property Styling

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Selling a property is a stressful and tiring event in anyone’s life. You have to ensure everything looks fantastic and that the colour palette is fresh, on trend and inviting. Nowadays potential property buyers look for the home with that X factor. And not everyone is going to like the way you decorated and styled your home. Personal preference and taste is a big thing. A lot more people are in with the new season trends than ever before. It is a complete business on its own. And that’s where home staging professionals come in.These select few individuals with impeccable taste know what will make or break a home that needs to be sold. They have the inside scoop on what’s hot and what’s not. What will work in your home and how to space it out, providing a breath of fresh air.

Every season brings with it new colour ideas and inspiration. There is something that each one of us will love that will help get your home talked about when selling. Property styling is a secret weapon, and the professionals know what they’re doing and how to execute it with panache and flair. They can take your home from last season to on-trend without batting an eye, thus making it easier and quicker to sell.

These specialists with their extensive experience make the life of the seller a lot easier. Sometimes they make your home look so amazing; you might even consider not selling.

And that brings me to a few summer 2017 colour palettes. Knowing what is in for the warm season is a definite win when property styling. The summer of 2017 brings with it a lot of nature-inspired colours. From soft green to bright pinks, only enhanced by sandy and earthy colours.

Soft green, dark blue, white, beige and black

The first colour palette is one that brings forth feelings of calm, peace and serenity. The perfect combination for a primary or guest bedroom. Anyone would want to disappear into this colour coded haven of calm after a long day.


Burnt orange, soft yellow, grey-blue and ocean blue

This summery colour palette is perfect for the lounge. The burnt orange brings in a burst of colour as the other more muted shaded makes it the centre of attention. The colours will not overwhelm you or any guests you might have over.


Ivory, eggshell, sky blue, powder blue and true blue

The blues in this palette are perfect for a bathroom or washroom. The cascade of different hues can be incorporated into shampoo and bubble bath bottles, washcloths, towels and bathroom rugs. It will give off an oceanic feel of quiet. Anyone would want to bath their troubles away in a bathroom with this gorgeous colour palette.

Fern, baby blue, hazelnut, blush, yellow and primrose

This is another gorgeous colour palette that can be used for a bedroom. The colours aren’t overpowering and deliver a stunning punch when incorporated together.

This 2017 palette almost reminds me of the countryside with its flowers and rolling hills.


Lapis blue, olive green, Aegean blue, fuschia and bring orange

These colours will look gorgeous when used on a porch outside overlooking the garden. The bright colours will look inviting to anyone who might be coming to visit or looking to purchase a home.

Nothing says summer like this beautiful palette. Imagine a few fuschia and bright orange pillows scattered over a large outdoor couch. An Aegean blue throw placed perfectly to invite anyone for a cold lemonade. And olive green jumping at you in the form of plants. Lapis blue can be brought in using ornaments or evening hanging wind chimes.


The possibilities are endless with the colour palettes of 2017. And with these colours, any property stylist will have a blast making homes look purchasable.

Who knows maybe you like the styling so much you decide to stay exactly where you are.


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