How to make your pool unique

How to Make Your Pool Unique

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Owning a pool is a huge investment whether you have an in-ground or an above ground pool. A pool gives you and your family and friends a common area where you can relax and hang out during the summer and warmer months of the year. Instead of just settling for a standard pool design you can take your pool to the next level and make your pool the talking point of the street.

Add Some Lighting

From coloured changing lights in your pool to torches lining your pool deck, how you use lighting can improve both the functionality and aesthetics of your pool. For example, certain types of lighting can actually make your pool look larger than it is. If you really want your pool to stand out place your lighting strategically around the pool. Today we have so many different styles of lighting and lighting choices available including –

  • Flood lights
  • Pool lights
  • Torches
  • Hanging lights
  • Lamps and lanterns
  • Solar lights

And so much more. When you add some great lighting to your pool, it means not only can you hang out with friends and family late at night around the pool, it also means the pool has enough lighting for it to still be used, even very late into the night.

Install A Concrete Bar

For adults – here in Australia – let’s be honest – pools are more fun when there is a bar involved. Because of the nature of concrete – it can be shaped into anything. When designing the style and layout of your pool, consider adding a *pool side bar* to your pool. Your friends and family will be able to relax in the pool and be able to swim up to the bar to grab a beer, wine or soft drink. It also saves wet feet running through the house for a drink!

Create Your Own Pool Design

Spice up your backyard with your own totally unique pool design! Concrete can be formed into any shape you want, so you can literally have any pool shape or design you want – you don’t have to stick with the same boring old designs and shapes.

Add A Water Slide

Do you remember being a kid and how much fun it was coming down a water slide? It doesn’t matter if you want to re-live your childhood, or you have children who you know will love it, a water slide is a great addition to any pool.

Diving Board

If you have children, owning a swimming pool provides a lot of entertainment – from pool games to competitions – with a diving board you can add diving contests or even cannon ball contests. It certainly will make hanging out around the pool a lot more fun and a lot more exciting.

Outdoor Kitchen or Barbeque Area

For those of you who enjoying cooking and entertaining friends and family. It can be hard doing all the cooking inside, when everyone is outside enjoying the pool. Having an outdoor kitchen or barbeque area allows you to cook by the pool, be involved in the fun, and still be able to chat, catch up and socialise with your friends and family.

Add A Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is placed at the very shallow end of the pool and provides a consistent shallow depth of water that is perfect for younger children to splash around in, while giving the adults a place to just bask in the sun and soak up some rays.

Pool and Spa Combination

What is better than having one pool? Having two pools! Why not consider a pool and spa combination? A spa is a relaxing place, especially after a hard day’s work, you might not want to bother swimming, so you can just sit and relax and let the bubbles soothe away tension and troubles. When it’s too chilly to go for a dip, a spa is a warmer option.

Add A Water Feature

Not only are water features stunning, they also provide that nice tranquil sound of running water, depending on the placement, kids will also enjoy standing/playing under them as well, and they keep water moving which helps with filtration.


The right landscaping can turn your backyard from the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Your pool is transformed from being a pool, into being an oasis, you can have your own slice of paradise right there in your own backyard!

Shaded Area

On hot and sunny days having a shaded area is wonderful, it can be in the form of a patio, a shaded shelter, umbrellas or trees, decorate the area with lights and plants to add some beauty.

Owning a swimming pool is an exciting and memorable experience and there are so many options available to you today that will turn your pool and backyard into the oasis you always dreamed about.


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