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5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Gift Ideas

It’s inevitable that sometimes we all have trouble thinking up what the best gift is for our loved ones. Is your hubby in your mind right now and would he love these gifts?

1. His very own home brew kit

If hubs is a bit of a beer buff, then he might enjoy stepping out into the realm of brewing his very own ales (or lagers, or stouts…). Home brew kits can be picked up from speciality stores or online, and it’s not that hard to start brewing at home. Kits will need a bit of room to set up in – perfect if you have a shed – and the first batch might just be the start of something very beautiful. Kits can range from budget to deluxe and may brew different sized batches depending on the type of kit that you purchase.

Awesome Gift Ideas

2. A new tablet/laptop/kindle

Keeping up to date with technology is pretty important. Are your man’s tech pieces getting a little long in the tooth? It might just be time to give them a bit of an update then. When you’re looking at tablets, laptops, and kindles, you’ve got a lot to choose from. There are super high-end tech pieces you can pick up, and there are also some cheapies about too. If you’re overwhelmed by the specs have a browse around on the internet to see what reviews of certain products are like. You’ll often find articles like “Top 10 Laptops Under $1500” or “What To Look For In Your New Tablet”. These type of articles, as well as customer reviews on sites like Amazon can help to guide you.

3. Red Wine & Chocolate Bucket

Surprising your husband with a gift while he’s either away or at work can be a little difficult. Sure, you could order something over there but it won’t be wrapped nicely or have a nice note from you with it. Instead, you can think of gift baskets, like the Red Wine & Chocolate Bucket. You’ll have his favourite red wine and chocolates, all wrapped nicely, with a little note of love from you, delivered directly to where he is staying or his workplace – and you know exactly when it will arrive, unlike running the gauntlet with Australia Post. Fella not really into red and chocolate? That’s the beauty of gift hamper sites; they really have a lot to choose from.

4. A sports package subscription

Lots of guys out there love watching their live sports. Now while the AFL season might just be wrapping up, there’s always some great game going on around the world. Subscription packages to live sports that you watch online are gaining in popularity. Now you can buy season passes to games like the English Premier League, the NBA, and the NHL. This is a really good present idea for the sports mad man. Be warned though; he might just be spending that many more hours glued to the screen! To give this gift you will need to make sure that your internet connection is capable of streaming speeds. Each package will generally give you a recommended download speed to be able to watch their sports feed.

5. A shaver

Having a beard is pretty annoying. The constant shaving, maybe even shaping, it’s pretty much a daily task. Disposable razors have a purpose, that’s for sure, however having a fine electric razor is a much more handy way to take care of a man’s personal grooming. You can choose from quite the range of electric razors. Some are mains powered, some battery, some wet, some dry, some with multiple attachments, and some with just the one. Each shaver is really as unique as your husband is, so have a little think about with type of shaver he’d like the best, or even chat with the assistants in the shop – it’s their duty to know what each one is and who it would be good for.

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