Why Your Wife Would Love An Anniversary Gift Basket This Year

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Are you the kind of husband that forgets your wedding anniversary? Maybe you’re generally not good with dates, or it could be that your memory is overloaded with birthdays and sports fixtures. Maybe you always remember your big day, but you’re feeling a little lost on what to get your wife this year. Well, here are five reasons to go with a gift hamper.

It’s personal

The best thing about gift hampers is their variety. You can put together potpourri of assorted gifts, either customised by the gift basket provider or personally selected by you. If you’re at a complete loss, you can still choose a pre-selected hamper with a personal touch.

For example, you could include a gift card that has her favourite poem or song. Or you could pick a random item that has special significance to her and request the gift basket designers to include it. Picture giving her wine, chocolate, and a necklace with her birth stone on it. Or cheese, coffee, and a framed picture of your wedding day. It makes all the difference.

It’s memorable

If you’ve forgotten a few anniversaries, you want the one you do remember to make a statement. While a simple gift will score you a few points, a gift hamper will score a whole lot more. For one thing, she will note that you’ve bought several different presents instead of just one, which implies more expenditure.

Luckily for you, when you buy a hamper, you get a bundled price, so while you do earn brownie points for spending so much on her, you actually end up saving money. With all the goodies in her hamper, she’ll have plenty to be excited about, so she is likely to remember this anniversary for a long time to come.

It’s beautiful

Part of the charm of gift baskets is their packaging. Each of the items in the hamper is carefully selected to show the recipient that you value them. As part of creating this sense of appreciation, gift hampers are beautifully packaged with an eye to beauty and functionality. The packaging is often so attractive that the recipient keeps and treasures the pack itself.

Gift hampers often have wine, champagne, and perfumed products in delicate glass bottles. The baskets have an option to be packed in firm-card boxes to prevent breakage. Individual gifts are laid in delicate tissues and placed in pretty boxes. The whole hamper is then packed in a velvety box or wicker basket and tied of with ribbon.

It’s versatile

Choosing the right gift for your wife is a challenge on any day. Anniversary gifts hold an extra layer of potential danger. After all, you’ve been married to this woman for a while, so she expects you to know what she likes. You may have lost points over the years by not noticing her new haircut or fancy outfit, so anniversaries are your chance to make up for it.

Getting your wife a gift hamper could be your ticket out of the dog house. If you still haven’t figured out what she likes, get a special ‘for her’ hamper that contains items which appeal to most women. Chances are with all the different items in the gift basket, she will like at least one. Try something with chocolate, wine, scented candles, and maybe a plush bathrobe.

It’s for a good cause

If you’ve looked around at celebrity circles, you might have noticed the new trend of charity gifting. Many famous couples have asked people to donate to charity instead of buying them wedding gifts or birthday presents. Some couples even ask for charitable donations in place of baby showers. If your wife is amenable, it makes a great anniversary gift. Of course every girl likes presents, so if you’re a smart husband, you’ll go two for one.

Instead of simply writing a cheque in her name, you can get the kind of gift basket that comes with a charity portion. Some gift basket providers will automatically donate 10% the price of your hamper to a charity of your choice. Everybody wins, and you’re sure your wife is happy. So go all out this year and get her an anniversary hamper. You won’t regret it.

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