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We’ve all heard the term foodie before. It refers to someone who has a refined palette and loves going out to eat and drink the finest food this world has to offer. When it comes to buying gifts it makes sense that you cater for their penchant for tasty treats and thirst for liquid gold. There are so many options and Australia is home to some of the finest gourmet goodie producers in the world. Our food and wine scene has come along leaps and bounds in the last twenty years as Australian producers have been relishing in our access to amazing produce and in turn putting out some of finest gourmet goods in the world.

So when looking for gourmet gift ideas for your partner check out some gifts the land down under has to offer.

A Wine Tour

A wine tour will set your partner’s heart racing at the thought of all the gourmet treats on offer. It’s a great day out filled with tasting some of the gourmet products Australia has to share with the world. Not only do you taste the amazing range of wines that Aust5ralia is renowned for, most wine producers make other gourmet goods such as cheeses and sauces. This a sure-fire hit and your partner will be thrilled when you spring the surprise.


Degustation involves sampling small portions of food, sometimes with drink pairings. Degustation focuses on high culinary art and tasting some of the best chef’s signature dishes. These usually consist of 7-10 small courses that will send your taste buds to the high heavens and back.  The food scene in Australia is in its prime right now and there are many world-class restaurants in every capital city. Your partner will be licking their lips in anticipation and the best thing about this gift is that you get to share the experience together!

The Gourmet Gift Basket

Sometimes a romantic night in with some of your favourite gourmet treats can bring people closer. The gourmet gift basket contains all the goodies you need for such a night. Open a bottle of bubbly, paired with some of your favourite gourmet snacks and spend the night in, chatting and getting romantic while sampling some of the finest snacks in the country. The basket contains diverse offerings of snacks, spreads and drinks of the highest quality. Watch as your partner’s eyes light up as they unravel the gourmet gift basket, and as your heart warms at the sight – you know you hit a home run.

Gift Hampers for Her

Australian Red and White Celebration

As the name suggests, this gift basket contains two bottles of some of Australia’s finest wines: one red and white, with gourmet snacks to compliment an afternoon by the pool or overlooking the ocean. This is an ideal gift for the wine lover. The sound of a popping cork will bring a big smile to their face as their senses signal that it’s time for some tasty treats.

Gourmet Safaris

As I said earlier, Australia’s gourmet food scene has exploded and with that comes gourmet food tours or gourmet safaris. The guided tours can be done locally or overseas and involve you and your partner being ferried around by a local guide to some of the finest food producers the scene has to offer. Follow your nose and tantalize your taste buds, as you go after the big game in the food landscape on one of these amazing food safaris.

Be the Next Master Chef… Well at Least for a Night

Be a culinary mastermind and get creative in the kitchen by surprising your partner with some gourmet home cooking. This may take some time and practice, but the look on your partner’s face as they take their first bite will make all the time and effort worthwhile. There is so much information and so many video tutorials on the internet that you will be master of the kitchen in no time.

It’s best to have a few practice runs beforehand so you can get your dishes down pat. Get your friends over to sample your dishes until you get the nod of approval. This labour of love will be a rewarding one and half the fun is practicing and sharpening up your skills.

Cooking Classes

The gourmet partner will love this as they can be fully engrossed in the food scene and learn the ins outs of what it takes to create the dishes that they love. These classes will available in nearly every town and city where there is a thriving food scene. Get ready to get your hands dirty and delve deep.

The gourmet partner is relatively easy to please, thanks to Australia and the worlds thriving food scene and it’s only going to get better. Whether you opt for a gift basket for both of you to share, some quality time together or go on a gourmet food experience, your partner will surely love all of the above.


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