Choosing the Right Display System for your Christmas Event

Choosing the Right Display System for your Christmas Event


Christmas is fast approaching, and shops are decorating, stores are selling Christmas decorations, it’s time for you and your business to get into the holiday season. You might be wondering how to do this? You want your banner to be about you – your business, product or service, you don’t want the banner to be about Santa, or to be mistaken for some other Christmas event or promotion.

The good news is, you can get your banner into the feel of Christmas, without losing your message. You want your banner to look and feel exciting, to encompass the whole Christmas spirit, but not be over the top. You can achieve this without adding Santa – try some subtle purples, white, red ribbons or bows, golds, greens and reds. It can be as simple as a red or gold bow in a corner, to some Christmas baubles along one edge.

Christmas is the time to add some sparkle and shine to your banners!

The last thing you want is your banner looking drab. If you are advertising a shopping centre – imagine how boring your standard banner will be when it’s in competition with the centre’s Christmas decorations, twinkling lights, sparkles, golds, greens, reds, silvers and glitter everywhere, you can’t compete, your message is *nothing new*, *nothing special* – Christmas is the time to shine, especially if your business revolves around a particular product. To market yourself you need to fit in, to look the happy and jolly part!

You want to attract customers!

If you haven’t updated your banner for a while, or the banner you are using is starting to look a little tatty and worn, now is the time for an upgrade! Not only will you be reaching out to the Christmas shoppers, your banner will be shiny and new, nice and bright and most importantly will be letting your customers know you are excited about the Christmas holidays.

Don’t worry about your competition, deck your banner with boughs of holly and enjoy the Christmas season with your customers. You can go *all out* and have a banner made specifically for a Christmas message – complete with Santa, presents, holly, ribbons and bows, wishing everyone a safe and merry Christmas and new year, or you can just add a touch of Christmas to your existing message.

It’s time to spread some Christmas Cheer!

It doesn’t matter if you are updating your banner for Christmas, or you are just in the market for some new advertising – here are the things you need to keep in mind when ordering a new banner.

  • DESIGN – people do enjoy looking at *pretty things* so make sure your banner is well designed after all the design is the *backbone* of your banner. If it has been poorly designed, you won’t be able to draw the attention of your audience.
  • BE UNIQUE – Banners come in different shapes, sizes and designs, if you want your banner to stand out why not opt for a banner that comes in a unique shape, rather than a standard shape?
  • READ – your banner should always be easy to read, you want a banner that gets results, so, apart from a well-designed banner, you want one that has a coherent message. You will be able to grab people’s attention if you have a compelling and readable message – and when you grab someone’s attention. You are half way to converting them into becoming a loyal customer.
  • PLACEMENT – Placement of your banner is just as important as its design. After all, if you have the world’s best banner, it won’t do you any good unless people can see it. Make sure you place your banner where it can be seen by lots of people.

If you want to have banners that work, and that grab people’s attention make sure you visit a professional banner design and printing expert.


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