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How To Choose Glass Balustrades

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Glass balustrades are a beautiful addition to any home. They offer partial protection for your balcony or poolside without obstructing your view. They are also extremely low maintenance and barring something heavy crashing into them; they can last forever.

However, choosing a glass balustrade isn’t as straight-forward as it seems. You need to consider your budget, and while it’s tempting to just rush for the cheapest piece you can find, it helps to make sure you’re getting value for your money.

Surrounding The Balustrade

Do Your Research

The best way to tell whether a balustrade will work for you is to view it in context. You may have seen a balustrade on someone’s balcony and poolside. Find out where they got it, how easy it is to maintain, and whether it would fit in your own space. But don’t just rush to buy the same balustrade that they have. It may not blend as well with your home.

Apart from the fit, look around to check the pricing. Many glass balcony providers have websites, making it easier to compare costs. Depending on the size of your balustrade, some vendors may be willing to give you a wholesale discount for larger square footage.

Glass is beautiful, but you can’t always tell the quality just by looking. Get recommendations and testimonials from customers who have already installed glad balustrades. They can tell you how to keep the glass looking good, but they will also give you information on how friendly, helpful, or cost-effective their glass company is.

Consider Safety

Glass can seem flimsy, but it’s quite strong. It can hold large weights without cracking, and construction glass is especially tough. That said, be careful about the type of glass you select. If you go to a reliable glass seller, they will make sure you get the right type and grade of glass for your fencing.

Ideally, a glass balustrade should be 6 mm to 10 mm thick. Taller fences need thicker glass for extra strength. The glass should be coated with a safety film so that in the unlikely event that glass shatters, cuts and bruises will be minimised.

Safety glass also breaks up into shards with duller edges and even pieces, so that even the broken pieces don’t do much damage. Certain companies provide glass that has already been treated with safety film, but if they don’t, be sure to ask if they offer it as an add-on, or if they can recommend a safety glass service.

Match The Style Of Space

There are different types and styles of glass. Wine glasses are thin and crystalline, while plexiglass and perspex can be bulletproof. You don’t really need bullet-proof glass in your bedroom, so think about the area surrounding the balustrade as you make your choice.

Other options for glass balconies include partial tint, full tint, mirrored glass, and coloured glass. If your home is modern and minimalist, you could go with a frameless balustrade which matches the industrial techie aesthetic. If your house has classic architecture, you can use stained glass on your balustrade.

Don’t DIY

Many balustrade vendors mention simplicity as their key selling point. Some balustrades can be assembled using basic tools, but they’re steel balustrades. Glass balustrades need a lot more care and attention. If you install them yourself, you may damage the glass. And if the glass isn’t properly secured, it could slip out of its fixtures.

When you’re budgeting for your balustrades, include the price of professional glass installers. It may cost you more at the onset, but it will save you the hassle of repairs or accidents. Professional installation will also ensure that your balustrades stay intact for a long time.

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