5 Easter Dining Table Ideas

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Easter Dining Table Ideas


Easter is almost upon us, which means that it is time to start planning the festivities! If you are hosting a lunch or dinner get together for friends or family it can be fun to add some extra special touches in that you wouldn’t usually have at other occasions throughout the year. Rather than trot out the usual arrangements and table wear, it’s time to step up your decoration prowess and show people what you’re really made of, with an Easter dining table set up that would make the Easter bunny proud.

Get into the spirit of the holidays with our Easter dining table ideas which are ideal for entertaining a small group to a larger crowd.


Make your own Easter themed bon bons

It’s easy to make your own bon bons, and why should they only be used at Christmas time? Pick up a bon bon kit from your nearest craft store, such as Spotlight for the basic package. From here, you can print out your own corny Easter jokes on some paper, add glitter or confetti to the bon bon, and then stuff with either mini eggs or small trinkets, ala Christmas bon bons.


Print paper bunny placemats

Why use regular old placemats, when you can get into the Easter theme with some bunny placemats? While they’re not exactly reusable, they’ll be brilliant on the day. Find a cute bunny image in landscape form by browsing through Google images, make sure that it’s a high-resolution picture, and then head to your local printing shop to get the image printed up in your desired size on paper. Make sure to measure up your regular placemats first, if this is the size that you are after.

Use a wicker basket centrepiece

Baskets abound at Easter time, which is why you should you a wicker basket for your table centrepiece. Make sure that it’s not too large so that your guests will still be able to see each other over the table, and then fill with either fresh flowers, a range of various Easter eggs, or even vibrant fruits. For those that don’t own a large basket, you can pick up smaller baskets on the cheap and line down your table with smaller, similar arrangements.


Have Fresh Cocktail or Mocktail Jugs with Bunny Tags

In the hours leading up to your occasion, you should mix up a few different recipes of fresh cocktails or mocktails. Remember, not everyone has the same tastes, so it’s best to offer a few. Each cocktail or mocktail can then be served in a clear jug. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the job and affix a small bunny shaped tag to it with the name of the cocktail or mocktail written in a script.


Serve Carrot Cake

It would be amiss to leave the carrot off this list of Easter dining table ideas! For dessert, the cake of choice is, of course, carrot cake. If you are particularly clever you can try icing the cake with fake carrots on top for the ultimate in carrot cake extravagance. Carrot cakes are a great choice for dessert as they are very moist, not too sweet, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Plus, it’s got a carrot in it, so it’s healthy, too, right?