What Items Do You Need for An Outdoor Display System-

What Items Do You Need for An Outdoor Display System?

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It’s time to get all your bits and bobs together to set up your order display. Got your checklist ready? No? Well then, don’t worry, because that’s what we’re here for! We’ll leave the business operation to you, but you can trust us when we say that we know outdoor displays and what works. Here are all the ingredients necessary to make your outdoor display pop.

Some Advertising Flags

Who’s stand is it? Your stand of course! How will your customers know who’s business it is without some proudly waving advertising flags. Design your large flags in bold company colors and add your logo in a decent size to ensure everyone knows who your stand belongs to. Wave your flag loud and proud!

A Heavy Duty Banner Stand

Need more advertising space for text than a flag offers? That’s where a heavy duty, rugged banner stand comes in. Built sturdy, and in a rectangular shape, here is why you can put further info about your brand, your deal, or what you’re doing at the event. These are tough so that they won’t blow over in the breeze. A regular pop-up banner may not be suitable for outdoor events as it may fall over if a strong wind crops up.

It’s outdoor, so do you need a floor?

Want to make your outdoor display system extra special? Some businesses choose to add an interlocking plastic floor to their stand. This makes your display system really pop out from those around you. Some floors you can even print with your company’s logo and colours – neat, hey?

A marquee perhaps?

Of course, if you want to go all out with an outdoor display system, then you’ll want to get your hand on a branded marquee and set up. Not only do these really stand out, but if the weather turns, then they’re great because they provide shelter while you can go about business as normal. Look for marquees with walls where you can put your banners.

A great support staff

One of the most important elements of your outdoor display system is the team that you choose to man it! The right team can generate a tonne of leads and/or sales, whereas a less experienced team can lead to your event being a complete flop. Choose wisely to ensure that you’re making the most out of your outdoor display system that you’ve purchased.

Display Systems Australia can take care of all your needs for outdoor display systems, except for your staff of course – that one is up to you! Peruse our flags, banners, and marquees to see what will suit your occasion and budget, or send us an email with your requirements – we’re happy to help.


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