Reasons Why a Ute Is a Good Family Car

Reasons Why a Ute Is a Good Family Car


When thinking about getting your next family car, a ute probably hadn’t really popped into your mind. “Surely a ute is just for tradies and single blokes or chicks?”, I hear you say. However just because the ute has this particular image in the media doesn’t mean that it is a complete truth. Just because the ute is marketed as the tradies car doesn’t mean that you can go off the marked path! After all, 4x4s are often marketed at those who like to go adventuring, and we all know how many mates with 4WDs actually, really go off track.

Traditionally, utes were only single cab, meaning there’s only two seats to choose from. So if you’ve got a missus or a man and you’re thinking about getting a ute and starting a family, this probably isn’t the way to go. You can’t just chuck the baby in the tray after all. And you probably can’t get rid of your partner either…

Even if you are a single parent, unless your child is out of booster seats or bassinets, then they won’t be able to ride with you – seats for kids go exclusively in the back until you get rid of them and your child’s pretty much grown up. And if you add to your family (i.e. more than one kid) then you’re definitely not going to fit in the single cab ute. Sure, kids were allowed to ride in the tray once upon a time (and probably sometimes still out in the country there) but times have changed and this is no longer the case!

However, dual cab utes, on the other hand, are everyone’s best friend. Not only can you pop your partner in the front, and up to 3 kids in the back, you’re also able to put whatever the heck you like in the tray.

Rather than struggling to fit a pram, nappy bag, play equipment and more in a regular car boot, you’re able to put it all in the tray, pop a cover over it to keep everything dry, and then away you go, mate!

As the kids grow up, a ute is perfect for taking out on camping trips down the coast and off to see the countryside. It’s great for picnics, and some dual cab utes are even 4×4, meaning you can also go off road and down the beach tracks.

Utes aren’t just great for transporting the kids around either, as you’ll well know. They’re also handy for shifting loads of sand fertiliser, and other garden goodies, firewood, furniture, tools for around the house and everything in between. You’ll even be able to do some kerbside crawling on rubbish collection times if you see any preloved goodies that you think someone’s throwing out that you’d like.

If you’re in the market for a new car and already have yourself a little family, or you’re about to start one and thinking about grabbing a new car, then think over to researching some dual cab utes that are on the market.

Some dual cab utes are bigger and roomier than others, so you have a lot to choose from in that regard. You can add canopies or ute tray liners, and toolboxes, etc. to kit out your ute and make sure that it’s the perfect car for your purposes. Find a nice, safe, roomy dual cab ute, and you’ll have your family happily safe and transported around the city, and even around the country for many, many years to come. And don’t be surprised if your mates follow suit!