Why Professionals Are Better At Detailing Your Car



Swirl marks. If you’ve ever tried to a wax your car, you’ve may have experienced this pesky problem. Swirl marks aren’t just an ugly blemish; they’re actually tiny scratch marks in the vehicle’s paint, which is caused by using improper technique or equipment.

This car washing blunder is a prime reason why many car owners choose a professional detailer.

A professional offers expertise. The pros know the right products to use, the proper application technique, and they have access to the best tools. Whereas you might waste an entire Saturday waxing and re-waxing your vehicle, a professional gets it right the first time.

But paint swirls are just one mistake that might make you consider a professional detailer. There are numerous others. Dried-out leather upholstery, metal discoloration, and sun damage can all be caused by improper car cleaning.


5 Reasons to Consider a Professional Auto Detailing Service


benefits of hiring professional car detailer


The clear benefit of a professional detailer is expertise. The pros don’t make mistakes like swirl marks which may be costly or, at worst, impossible to reverse. Yet, there are plenty of other reasons to leave your car cleaning to a professional.

  • Save Time. Cleaning and detailing your car can be time-consuming. You might spend an entire afternoon washing the interior and exterior of your vehicle. By hiring a professional, you can save a bunch of time each month. A mobile detailing service takes the time savings a step further. Mobile detailers can bring car cleaning equipment to your home; you don’t even have to leave the house.
  • Proper Tools and Products. Car cleaning tools like an electric buffer, for instance, are expensive, and it can take years for the average car owner to collect them. The same is true about the products – to properly clean your vehicle you may need two dozen cleaning solutions. Having the right products, though, is only half the battle. Professionals also know when to use – and when to avoid – certain types of cleaners. An acid based cleaner on chrome or aluminium wheels, for example, can cause discoloration and ruin the metal’s finish. A professional won’t make this kind of mistake.
  • Right Application Techniques. Another advantage: Professionals know how to properly apply and remove car cleaning products. For example, clay bars, waxes and polishes are some of the most challenging products to apply, and using them improperly can damage the vehicle’s paint. An expert knows how to use each car cleaning products for maximum effect. Want that wet look from your wax? A professional will get it right.
  • Enhanced Protection. A carwash and detail aren’t just about looks. A proper wash will provide long-lasting protection to the vehicle’s surfaces, inside and out. Professional detailers understand what causes and prevents common cosmetic issues. So when you hire a professional, you’re hiring an expert who will properly protect your vehicle from the elements, i.e. sun damage, corrosion and brake dust build up to name a few.
  • Attention to Detail. Detailing a vehicle can be tedious. Using a brush or air canister to remove dirt from cracks and crevices, for example, leave most people pulling their hair out. When you hire a professional, you can count on attention to detail. Professionals take pride in transforming vehicles, and that requires noticing and taking the time to address even the smallest of blemishes.


Professional Detailing Is a Win-Win for Buyers

Clearly, there are benefits to hiring a professional auto detailer. Your car will look and smell nice; it will hold its resale value, and you’ll save time. Plus, you can count on a high-quality, correct cleaning. Those benefits alone are reason enough to hire a professional.

Yet, today, professional detailing services have also become competitively priced. Most professionals offer a range of packages – for example an exterior-only detail – so these services can fit just about any budget. Bottom line, if you don’t have the time but need your car looking pristine, hiring a professional offers a solution.