Physical Activity Does Improve Erectile Function

Besides taking in a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as lean proteins and whole grains we all know by now, that including physical activity in our lives will maintain our overall health. But it is proven that men who include daily exercise in their lives might even have a more active sex life, as a lot of people don’t know that staying fit can also influence mental and sexual health since a lot of dysfunction issues such as prostate disorders and erectile dysfunction can be prevented by engaging in a few hours of activity weekly.

Erectile dysfunction refers to a condition where the man is not able to obtain an erection long enough to perform satisfactory sex. Despite being a topic less prioritised it is a common condition among men of all ages but the condition increases with age.

The common disorder often affects mental health and can lead to depression and anxiety when sex cannot be carried out satisfactory and might become a big relationship issue as sexual dissatisfaction can lead to low self-esteem and even depression and have a deep impact on a person’s life. As the sexual disorder can significantly impact life quality there are also erectile dysfunction medications that can be taken in combination with exercise for better results.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is furthermore linked to several health issues such as high blood pressure and obesity but cardiovascular diseases are also quite common in men suffering from erectile dysfunction as blocked or clogged arteries will prevent the blood flow to the penis, hence bad blood flow is likely to end up in erectile dysfunction and a weak sex drive.High cholesterol level can also influence erectile dysfunction as cholesterol will harden and narrow arteries leading to the penis and block the blood flow. To lower levels, this can be done through diet and also exercise. As stated before, erectile dysfunction is also closely linked to obesity hence maintaining a healthy weight is essential to prevent the condition to become a permanent one. A doctor or dietician will certainly be happy to work out a meal and activity plan to attain a healthy physique and drop some kilos if the patient should be overweight.A man who engages in physical activity will also become fitter overall and his testosterone level will increase. This leads to a stronger libido and the hormone also helps to get more consistent erections.

Vascular health is linked strongly to erectile dysfunction, as blocked vessels will decrease the blood flow to the penis. Even though the symptoms of erectile dysfunction might increase with age, staying physically active for better cardiovascular health can improve the condition, if not overcome. This can be done through regular cardio workouts as studies have found that middle-aged men who walk daily, go swimming or bicycling do not only improve overall health but significantly reduce the risk of developing ED. Research found that physical activity widens the blood vessels in the penis and makes them more elastic, blood flow is increased to keep it erect hence the man is able to perform better sexually.

Men who engage in about six hours of exercise a week are proven to be in better overall health and have a better sex life. All these activities are safe for anyone who is not in good shape as the sports do not put pressure on joints or raise the heart rate level. But of course, there is also the option of going on a treadmill in the gym or do a little jogging to stay fit. Hence erectile dysfunction can be avoided or minimized through physical activity.

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