Why a New Shed Is an Awesome Christmas Gift for Your Husband

Why a New Shed is an Awesome Christmas Gift for Your Husband?

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What is hubs getting for Christmas this year? Have you decided yet? The struggle is real. And, you know, the more years that you have been married, the trickier than can decision can get. You probably have no idea what you bought him two years ago, let alone ten. So why not go for something truly original, something he isn’t going to expect in a million years?

Get your man a shed. This you owe to him – unless he’s been a naughty boy all year, in which case you should just give him coal because that’s all that he deserves.

Just picture it, your man wakes up on Christmas day and glances outside to see his brand, spanking, new shed. Well, that probably isn’t quite how it’s going to happen, unless you have the help of some serious overnight worker elves, or your husband doesn’t look out into the backyard often.

Sheds will take a little while to erect. You won’t just be able to pop it up overnight like you would do a tent. However, you can arrange a time and day for your shed to be professionally installed and tell hubs that it’s happening then (along with a picture of his future shed).

The other option is to turn it into your own DIY project – perhaps the two of you can work on building the shed over the course of a weekend. Can you think of anything more romantic? I think not.

So why is a shed an awesome Christmas gift?

Your husband isn’t very handy around the home or garden, you say? He doesn’t like that typically “manly” stuff? Well, a shed doesn’t just have to be for storing his tools, the lawnmower, etc. A shed can be for a totally different purpose Because who wouldn’t want their very own man cave?

If you don’t know what a man cave is, then the closest thing that I can liken it to is a treehouse or cubby house built just for him. Maybe it’s got an armchair in it, an old TV, and a DVD player with all his favourite Sci-Fi movies on hand. Maybe it’s got a little mini putter in so that he can practice his putting and improve his golfing game. Perhaps it’s got a small model railway in there. Who knows! Whatever your man loves doing solo (or sometimes with mates), his man cave can be the epicentre of it. A man cave is a place to escape the world. [I bet you are wanting your very own man cave by now, aren’t you!]

Getting your husband a shed for Christmas is also a great chance to give your old shed a mega cleanout before you get rid of it. People often have things stored in their sheds untouched for 10, 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years! Hopefully, you haven’t hoarded quite so much. If your husband asks why you’re going through the shed you can just say that you though a big clean up was well overdue – it is half the truth after all.

How can I pick out the type of shed that my husband would like without his input?

The trick here is to ask other husbands for their opinions – maybe close friends or family. They should be able to give you a bit of an idea about the size and shape of the shed that you should be looking at, and maybe even where you should place it in your garden. Sheds come in a huge range of sizes and designs so have a look closely at what’s available and what is going to best fit your space.

A shed is a cool present for the husband for Christmas. It’s a perfect Christmas gift for your dad as well. It’s thoughtful, it’s original, it’s useful, and it is going to be handy for years and years and years. If you jump onto it right now, you can browse around at the available shed designs and have something ready and shipped, just waiting for you to put up when Christmas comes around. It’ll be here before you know it – you’ve seen the decorations in the shops, right? So jump on board with the unique and large gift. Your husband will be telling stories about his Christmas present shed to his mates for years to come and you’ll get all the accolades!


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