New Baby Gift Selections that Show You Really Care

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A new baby brings anticipation, excitement, and lots of nerves to parents and their close friends and family, whether it’s their first child on the way or they’re adding to the brood. And when the baby finally arrives, everyone can’t wait to meet him, hold him, and congratulate the parents. Just being there to offer support and help out the parents can be a huge help, but bringing a gift is never unwelcome, as new parents can use all the help they can get!

Even if the new mum has already had a baby shower and thinks she’s prepared for the baby, new needs are bound to arise, and you can be a big help by taking care of some of those last-minute items for mum or baby. Here are our top gift selections for new moms and babies to show how much you really care.

 Gift Hamper for Mom

In those first weeks after baby arrives, mum is going to need some time to rest and recover, and of course she and the baby should be as comfortable as possible during this time. This Snuggle Up Pamper Hamper is the perfect gift to help mum relax and get as much sleep as she can with round-the-clock baby feeding to do! The super soft micro plush throw blanket is perfect for keeping both baby and mom nice and toasty, making it an especially great choice for winter babies! The hamper also features a neroli blossom and cardamom soy scented candle, a soothing milk bath mix, and a balsa wood sola diffuser flower. She’ll be the most relaxed new mum in town!

Bibs and Burp Cloths

Babies are impressive at drooling and spitting up. No matter how many bibs and burping cloths mum has bought or been gifted, it probably won’t be enough. Regular laundry often becomes a thing of the past for new mums, and being out of clean bibs or cloths is simply not a fun (or clean) situation to be in. Whether they’re plain or have cute designs, extra bibs and burp cloths will undoubtedly help mum through those first few tough months with the new baby.

Lighthearted Entertainment

Everyone knows that being a new parent is exhausting. But a lot of people overlook the fact that some parts of early parenthood can be a bit dull. Frequent feedings and naps as well as not always being able to get back to sleep after late night cries leave new parents with odd moments of downtime. Help them enjoy these little breaks by offering up some easy entertainment that’s easy to put down and pick back up again during the next nap. You could recommend half-hour TV shows to watch while she feeds the baby or lighthearted movies that she can watch during naptime and not worry about totally missing the plot if she dozes off too. Another great option is to gift her a funny novel, book of short stories, or magazine subscription—anything that she can pick up for a quick read when she finds a spare moment.

Nursing Scarf

While you can certainly find scarves designed specifically for nursing, an oversized scarf can do the job just fine if mum can put it over and around herself without too much hassle. A lovely gift would be to gift mum a scarf that’s both attractive and can be used for nursing. When her baby has grown up she’ll still have the scarf to remind her of those special early moments with baby.

Prepared Meals

Even if mum prepared some meals before baby arrived, those are bound to be gobbled up quickly between two exhausted new parents who also might be sharing with visiting family members. Cook up a dish that you know mum and dad will enjoy and that freezes well in case they’re still working through meals from other friends and family. Pick something tasty that’s not too spicy or exotic—tired parents just want something healthy, comforting, and filling to keep them energized through those first few months of sleepless nights.

A Foot Massage

Being pregnant puts a lot of stress on your feet, legs, and back, and once the baby is born, not very much changes. Mum is still carrying the baby around almost everywhere, so sore feet are sure to stick around until she can put the baby down more. If you’re not the type to offer up a foot rub to mum yourself, book her a foot massage and make sure dad is in on it so he is available for baby-watch at the time of her appointment. She will come out of the massage feeling so refreshed and relaxed—a rare feeling for a new parent!


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