Why You Need a Tray for Your UTE


The main reason for having your ute fitted with a tray, rather than leaving the factory installed tub, simply comes down to the personal requirements of the owner. For business owners or individuals whose work requires them to work directly out of their Ute, a customised ute tray can make all of the difference in the world.

With the abundance of flexibility and choices offered by custom designed and fitted aluminium or steel ute trays, the decision becomes easy to make. Ute trays provide to an owner the opportunity to transform their vehicle into a personalised workstation and transport vehicle. Whether for work or play, custom design options offer a wider usability of space and increased capability.

Here are some very good reasons for you to have your ute fitted with a customised and personalised tray over the factory installed tub:



A factory installed ute tub offers little to no flexibility, especially if you’re purchasing a ute for work, you will most likely need it to be customised to better serve your job’s needs.

Whether your trade is a carpenter, electrician, plumber or one of the many other popular trades needed to make the world go around, there is no doubt that a customised ute tray makes your work easier, it is usually the only option you have.

Sure, you could throw all of your tools and equipment into your ute’s tub, but I don’t need to tell you what the result of that will be. You won’t ever be able to find the tool you need when you need it. Odds are your tools and equipment will soon be damaged, if they haven’t been stolen altogether.



Today’s UTE trays have come a long way in regards to their durability and the longevity of life they provide you with. Aluminium ute trays offer you a lightweight, non-corrosive and strong solution for the organisation and protection of all of your expensive tools and equipment.

These aren’t just tools you use for your work, they are a priceless necessity to making money. This is why you treat them with respect and care, because, in most cases, it isn’t an exaggeration to say if you don’t have the tool you need when you need it, you don’t work. If you don’t work you don’t make money for your family.



Probably one of the biggest reasons to replace your ute tub with a customised tray is practicality. There is really no reason to having a UTE if it lacks practicality. Any tradesman needs practical solutions to make their work turn out better, faster and more organised. If they don’t have this practicality, they might as well find a different career.

Good quality, efficiently organised and secure ute trays offer you this practicality and then some. When deciding on a ute tray for your work make lists of how you will use the tray, what you will need it for and what you will need to carry.

These lists will help you decide which customisations will best suit you and your work. It will also be helpful if you make note of the average size of the tools you use and plan to include in your trays, especially make note of the large tools you have and how many.



Customised, lockable toolboxes and ute trays are an excellent way to ensure all of your expensive and, in some cases, irreplaceable tools and equipment are secure. The last thing you need is to get on the jobsite and find out your neatly organised tools have been stolen or “borrowed”.

Like I said before, your tools are your meal ticket, without them, your family doesn’t eat. Today’s UTE trays offer impressive locks, material and securing devices. It’s also possible to add boxes that are attached under the tray for added security, protection from the elements and a way to carry larger, less used, tools.


Excellent Use of Space

When you have a lot of tools, in different sizes and for different purposes, to carry in your UTE, it helps to have several different organisation options available. Aluminium ute trays are thin and lightweight to offer you an unlimited number of options for tool and equipment organisation.


With trays, toolboxes and drawers everything has its own place and you know just where to go to find the tool you need when you need it. Ute trays are so convenient, durable and secure that it doesn’t make sense to not have your ute fitted with one as soon as you drive it home.