Mobile Car Detailing

Why Mobile Car Detailing Is Such An Easy Choice


For some, a vehicle is a means of moving from one place to another while for others it is a prized possession.  Cars were among the greatest inventions of the industrial revolution and have since moved from being just mobile machinery to being a statement of power, a capsule of memories and a sentimental possession.

Although vehicles now play a significant role in our day to day endeavours, it is quite strange that most people who drive do not wash their cars. This is not to imply that most cars are dirty, but on the contrary, car owners prefer to get people to wash their cars. A study reported that 90% of women prefer to get someone to wash their cars while 69% of men opt for the same.

With a busy and hectic lifestyle, most people prefer to spend their weekends relaxing or catching up with friends rather than cleaning their vehicles. The task can be monotonous and cumbersome. As a result of this most car owners prefer to take their cars for a one hour wash at a car wash center or a 20-minute wash at a drive-through car wash.

It is true that this saves you the trouble of washing the car yourself, but unfortunately, it still doesn’t save you time, a valued commodity. You have to spend time queuing at the car wash café and waiting for your car to be finished. So what is the solution? What can you do to save yourself the time, the effort and the money?

Washing The Car

Mobile car detailing service is the solution for you. This ingenious service is becoming more popular world over and has proven to be effective and efficient. This service entails a team of specialists skilled at vehicle detailing coming to where your car is and giving your vehicle a full detailing service.

I know you must be wondering how exactly that can be.  Would it mean your vehicle is moved to a washing area? Or would you have to provide water and the necessary items for the team to do their cleaning where the vehicle is? The answer lies in the mobile detailing unit found in their van or truck.

Mobile car detailing service providers are fully equipped with all the necessary tools to thoroughly clean your vehicle.  They even carry their own water. It is car detailing services delivered to your doorstep. Your vehicle doesn’t have to move an inch, but it will receive the kind of transformation that comes from a top tier car wash centre.

From deluxe exterior detailing to premium car washes, these mobile car detailers can do it all. The service is so popular and efficient that some companies are doing detailing for trucks and caravans, not just small personal vehicles. The only thing that cannot be cleaned is the engine.

For an experience of this ground-breaking service, mobile detailers are only a phone call away. Their van or small truck will pull into your driveway or office parking lot. A fully equipped team will wash your car depending on the detailing package you have bought.

Exterior detail involves pre-cleaning, where exterior seams and surfaces, doors, trunk, hood jams and wheel wells are cleaned by hand to remove any hard deposits. The vehicle (including the undercarriage) is then washed for a complete and paint safe cleaning. Cleaning and polishing products are used to remove surface contaminants like small surface abrasions and scratches. Depending on the service package requested machine buffing may be done to prepare the paint surface for waxing and sealing. The result is a deluxe exterior certain to make your car look brand new.

If an interior detail is part of your requested service the team does cleaning and vacuuming to remove hidden and inaccessible debris. All air vents, door panels, handles, dash components (non -electrical), seats, consoles, thresholds; literally every crevice is blown out to clear debris. What follows is cleaning of leather and vinyl with approved cleaners, specific to each material.

They are then treated with specially formulated commercial grade conditioners to bring these materials back as close to new as possible. If requested the technician will treat the vinyl dash, door and console areas with a safe protectant that contains absolutely no silicone or petroleum products.

The most interesting part of this new service is the cost. One would expect that for an effective and time-saving service like this the cost would go through the roof. But the difference in pricing is negligible when it’s compared to traditional car wash services.

You save money if you take into account fuel costs for driving to the car wash centre. Consider the convenience factor and mobile car detailing sounds like a better option all round. The benefits outweigh the costs, making this the easiest decision you’ll make all weekend.

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