Marble Inspiration for Your 2017 Renovations

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Marble floor tiles for home renovations


Marble is a truly spectacular material, and rightly so with its incredible versatility, look and feel that lasts through the ages.

In saying that, the New Year isn’t just a time to step back and take stock of your personal and professional goals and developments – it’s a great time to start planning your home renovations for 2017.


How can you add the marble to your home renovations?


Glam Up The Bathroom With A Signature Piece

For renovators that just want to update their bathroom without starting from scratch, a marble basin can add a gorgeous touch of glamour and sophistication for modern and classic decors.

Marble basins can be cut and shaped in a number of beautiful designs, from crisp rectangles and squared-off recesses, to generous bowls of varying depth.

Also, with an incredible range of colour and marbling schemes, you are sure to find the best option for your design.


Streamline Your Living Space with Luxury Tiles

Create a sense of lightness, space and iridescent beauty with a perfectly installed marble floor tile.

Marble’s unique feature, which allows light to penetrate and refract on the topmost layer of stone, gives off a warm glow-like effect and can turn usually dark and pokey corners into gently-lit corners.

Ideally suited for wet areas, marble can add a touch of class to the kitchen and bathroom in most home designs – with plenty of versatile colour options to choose from!


Focus on The Heart of The Home, The Kitchen

Open plan homes are built on the basis that the kitchen is the heart, if not the brain, of the household.

With this in mind, adding a signature piece that impresses, while also being practical, is an absolute must for home cooks and entertainers.

Marble benchtops provide an absolute treat for home design updates; not only do they look good day and night, they are heat and chip resistant and make wonderful breakfast bars.


Turn Your Bathroom into A Wall-to-Floor Sanctuary

Bathroom ambience can get a serious uplift from the use of marble as both floor and wall tiles.

Providing a sense of depth, height and space, a coordinating tile can change the entire look and feel of what is often the most neglected room of the house.

From feature-walls that hem walk-in showers, to complete room makeovers, a marble finished bathroom is a simple, yet effective update that every guest can enjoy year after year.