Makeup to Make Your Lips Appear Fuller

Makeup Techniques to Make Your Lips Appear Fuller

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Want to get bigger, fuller lips, without having to get fillers injected into them? It is possible! Not everyone is comfortable getting fillers, can afford it, or even wants them at all! Is what you want a fuller lip that’s all natural?

If you follow some simple makeup rules for lips you can do some make up trickery to make the appear larger than usual. Want to know more? Then read on…

Makeup Techniques to Make Your Lips Appear Fuller


Remove any dry skin and moisturise

Unfortunately, dry, chapped lips can also make them appear smaller – as if you didn’t have enough problems on your plate already! Make sure that you’re getting enough water on the daily, moisturise those babies every day, and use a lip scrub where necessary.

Make sure to prime those lips

Like your face, your lip makeup goes on better and stays on better if you prime them as well. You can either use a specific lip primer, or others simply go with some concealer or foundation on the lips so that your liner and lipstick will stick to them more easily.

Lip liner just outside the lines

An old trick that people have been doing for years is, instead of lining your lip line on your lip line, draw it above your lip line so that your lips look bigger. It is best to cover your lips with a concealer before doing so, so that your natural lip line is more hidden than it would be usually.

Use a matte lipstick if you are drawing outside your natural lip line

A gloss lipstick can catch the light and give away your outside lip liner trick – which is why it’s always better to go for a matte colour if you are using this technique. If you’ve got a great lipstick that’s a gloss, you might like to dust powder over the top and blot to turn it into a matte look.

Using highlighter above the top lip

A touch of highlighter just above your cupid’s box helps to enhance the look of your lips. If you usually only highlight your cheeks, forehead, and nose, then you are missing this essential step to help in the process of making your lips look bigger.

Apply lip liner to the outer line just a shade or two darker to emphasise

Some people choose to use a lip liner around the edges of their mouth in just a shade or two darker than their actual lipstick or other lip liner. This can create and effect where it draws the mouth out more. While not everyone uses this technique, it’s definitely on to keep in mind and play around with!

Put a gloss or shimmer just in the centre of your lips

What’s the final step to your lip plumping making routine? Using a touch of gloss or shimmer in the centre of your mouth, upper and lower lips, but not to the edges. This gives your lips that extra dimension that they might lack if you use a matte lipstick alone.

Go for lighter instead of darker colours

Darker coloured lipstick and lip liners will often make it look like your lips are receding. Instead go for nudes or lighter colours to avoid the thin dark lines. Look at what light lip colours work best with your skin tone and colouring for the perfect shade to suit you.

Contour beneath your bottom lip

We did the highlighting on the upper lip, but also contouring just below your bottom lip can also make your lips appear fuller. A small sweep where the shadow falls beneath your lower lip should be enough to do it!

We hope that we’ve been helpful in showing you how to nail a fuller lip look without having to go to drastic measures to achieve it. Play around with each of these techniques to find out which ones work the best for your lips and your face.