Looking After Your Pool Through The Seasons

Pools are not only a great entertainment source over the course of the year, but they also require careful maintenance to ensure that they remain safe, clean, and usable when you need them. Across the course of the year and the seasons, you will need to take care of your pool in different ways.

In this piece, we step through the seasons and take a closer look at the maintenance tasks that are needed for your pool across summer, autumn, winter, and spring. If you have a pool or are looking at buying one – then this guide is for you!


During summer your pool will be in full swing, in regular use each week. Across the summer months, when it’s getting the most use, will be the time during which you will need to be checking your chemical levels regularly to ensure they aren’t damaging swimmers. Out of whack chemical levels can lead to many different things, such as respiratory or skin problems (generally a sign the chlorine levels are too high), or bacterial infections (a sign there are not enough chemicals in the pool). It is your responsibility to keep checks on these chemical levels to keep swimmers safe!

Looking After Your Pool Through The Seasons


As autumn wears on and the temperature starts to drop you’ll find your pool being used less and less. When you think the last dip has happened, then it’s time to give it a good clean, both with the cleaner and removing any leaves, etc. If there are any repairs that need to be done in your pool, then this period of autumn is a good time to do them.


Once winter hits, if you haven’t already done so, then it is time to close up your pool for the year. Now is a good time to shock your pool, in preparation for closing it up. There are often parts of the pool that are taken out when closing up so make sure to grab these. Turn of cleaners and the pump and then it’s time to roll the cover over your pool to keep it in good shape for when spring rolls around again in a few months time.


If you haven’t yet opened your pool up at the end of winter (maybe it’s still a little cool for that where you live), now is the time to do so. Take off the pool covers and fill the pool up to the correct level if it’s lost water over the winter months. Replace any parts that you took out before you wrapped up for winter. Once it’s a little warmer, you should start up your filter and any cleaners to help prep the water. When you are feeling like swimming weather is only a week or two away, then it’s time to start balancing your pool chemicals. Use test kits to ensure that you are getting the balance right. If necessary, shock your pool.

If you find that you are struggling with the upkeep of your pool, then it is okay to help for help! Swimming pool specialists can help with balancing your chemical levels, letting you know the best tools for the job such as pool covers and cleaners, and you can even hire services that come around to clean your pool often for a fee.

While it may take an effort to maintain your pool across the year, this will ensure that your pool remains usable when you need it, instead of falling into a green, gunky, swampy mess. When pools fall into disrepair they can be very expensive to fix – so keep on with that maintenance!

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