How Long Does It Take to Build An Above Ground Pool

How Long Does It Take to Build An Above Ground Pool

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Everybody wants a pool. It might be because you love to swim, and you want the convenience taking a dip on a sunny day. It keeps the kids entertained, and can be a great way to cool off in our trademark Aussie heat.

Or maybe you’re more serious about your water sports, and you need you daily laps early in the morning or late at night. It’s much easier to maintain your fitness routine in your back yard than driving to gyms and sports clubs at unseemly hours.

Even if you’re not a swimmer, a pool adds the value of your home and offers a great space for barbecues and neighbourhood gatherings. If nothing else, it guarantees the grandkids will come to visit on a regular basis.

Deciding the kind of pool you want to install is dependent on various factors. Price comes into it because you need to plan your budgets ahead of time. Municipal regulations may affect the size, positioning, and style of your pool.

How you intend to use the pool is a factor as well. If it’s mainly for the grandkids, you might need a paddling pool or a shallower section with steps. If it’s more for exercise reasons, an oblong or oval-shaped lap pool will do nicely.

Another key factor is time. Is your pool installation a leisurely affair or do you need it in time for a summer birthday party? Maybe you’re preparing for a swim meet, so your need to start your training regime yesterday.

All factors constant, above ground pools, are ready to use much faster than in-ground pools. With the latter, your yard will be unusable for several weeks, maybe longer. Above-ground pools are mostly installed using pre-assembled parts so that they can be ready within a day.

Some factors might delay your above ground pool installation though. Before putting the pool in, you need to prepare your yard by clearing the site of plants, rocks, and sod. You need to flatten it and lay a limestone base.

This can usually be done within a day or two, but if your yard is particularly neglected, it will take longer. And if your intended pool is large, you can’t just clear it using a shovel and a hoe. You’ll need a sod remover rental. Depending on how busy the season is, you might have to wait a few hours or even a few days to get your equipment lease sorted out.

Once the ground is clear, you could install the pool yourself or hire a pool installation crew. Again, if it’s high season, there might be a waiting list, which leads to more delays. Also, if you’ve offered a pool style that’s out of stock, you’ll have to wait for the parts to be ordered and delivered, so be sure to check availability before you plan your pool dates.

Installing the pool on your own will take longer. As much as it’s a viable DIY project, professionals can do it much faster. They do it all the time and are experienced, so they can finish the task more efficiently and within a smaller time window.

One delay you can’t do anything about is the weather. If you’ve planned to install your pool on a certain day and it ends up being wet, windy, or low visibility, you’ll probably have to postpone your installation to a more suitable day.

There are a few other matters you may not have considered. If your above ground pool needs fencing, you should include that in your installation schedule. It’s easy to put a balustrade or fencing panels, but they may add an extra day to your itinerary.

Also, certain pool styles take more time to install. Circular pools are the quickest, while oval set ups need a bit more time. When you’re choosing your installation crew, don’t just rush to whoever gives you the fastest turnover.

Check their experience, get referrals, and look at pools they’ve already installed. Time is money, and you could waste one while trying to save the other. Always place quality over expedience because a badly installed pool can have fatal results.