Gifts Ideas for Dad this Christmas

Gifts Ideas for Dad this Christmas

Gift Ideas

Men often seem stoic and unconcerned about receiving gifts on birthdays, Father’s Day, or Christmas, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy presents. You just have to pick the right gift ideas. The viral video about a colour-blind dad who received EnChroma sunglasses proves the point. He was giddy to see colour for the first time in his life.

Get your dad the right gift this Christmas, and he may be every bit as floored as the dad in the video. Record him opening the gift, and you just might become a viral sensation of your own! Of course the present you select depends on the kind of person your father is.

Some dads will just be happy to have a quiet moment on the sofa with sports and beer, especially if he’s been crowded by noise and grandkids all weekend. For this dad, sequester him to the TV room on Game Day, keep everyone out of his way, and give him a cold beer.

Depending on his preferences, you could buy him a beer hamper filled with a selection of Aussie Craft beer or International beer. Each Christmas Gift hamper comes with five different bottles of branded beer, and savoury snacks to go with them. He’ll get crisps, nuts, dipping sauce and more, all for less than $100. And they’re classily packed in black.

For the teetotaller that loves to mess around in the kitchen, give him a chance to make a set of dad-only snacks with his very own Chilli Pepper kit. This package gives him all he needs to grow his kitchen garden chillies. That way, when he cooks, he can make sure his food is so spicy that no one else will touch it! Unless of course, you’re a family that loves their spice, in which case this gift will make dad the official house chef…

What if dad is feeling cooped up and wants to get out of the house? You could always organise a Daddy’s Day Out where he can go try his brand new portable grill. The Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill is perfect for a fishing trip, camp-out, or walkabout. And he can take his boys or go on his own, whichever he prefers.

This portable Weber has a porcelain enamel cooking plate for even distribution of heat, as well as a one-push ignition switch. Dad will love cooking his favourite cuts on this little gadget, whether he’s at home on the weekend or out driving with his boys. It could also be a good way to sneak in some bonding time with the sons and grandsons.

Don’t forget to include a few disposable gas cylinders with his gift, so that he can grill. They’re sold separately, and you should build up a good collection so that he has one whenever he needs it. It may help to add it to your routine grocery list. Get a gas pipe as well.

Speaking of tasty meat, every dad loves his pulled pork, unless of course, your faith requires halal or kosher diets. For most other dads – and everyone else – bacon rules, and pulled pork is a close second. So the next time dad asks you to make him a sandwich, get him in on the fun with this Pork Shredder.

This amazingly fun gadget will bring out his inner Wolverine while making your sandwich adventures that much easier. If anything, you’ll probably have too much meat because he’ll soon turn his new gift into a toy. By the end of Christmas, none of you may want to see shredded meat ever again!

The claws are dishwasher-safe, and you can repurpose them to shred other things too, like vegetables and turkey, though they’re probably too big for chicken. There’s an idea. Set dad a task to use his claws on the leftover poultry. It will keep him busy for a while, and if he can figure out how to shred the small pieces, all the better.

Boys and their toys are hard to pry apart, so one way to get dad to do his chores is to turn it into a game. Get him the type of gift that benefits you more than him. Over Christmas, you may occasionally need him to watch the little ones, so why not get them something they can use together? Remote controlled gadgets never go wrong, and little girls love them too.

Invest in a remote-controlled drone, helicopter, or race car. It will delight you to watch dad giggle like a little kid. Your only problem may be that the small ones never get a turn, so you might consider matching sets for the grandchildren, just to keep the peace.


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