Gift Hampers to Win Your Boss Over!

Gift Hampers to Win Your Boss Over!

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Buying gifts for your colleagues is challenging, especially if you only interact professionally and are not sure about their personal likes and preferences. Buying gifts for your boss is doubly challenging as you want to make a good impression on the person who most impacts your career. Gift hampers are a good idea for holiday gifts for your boss since all you need is to know what makes them happy. You can then build your hamper around it and score major points in terms of standing out as a gift giver. Here are some hampers that might just win over your boss this Christmas.


Gift Hampers Ideas to Win Your Boss Over!


The Coffee Break Gift Hamper

You don’t need to be intimately close to your boss to know whether they enjoy coffee. If your boss always has a coffee cup on their desk, then the coffee break gift hamper would be a perfect holiday gift. The hamper includes a 250 g packet of 100% organic strong coffee blend that is guaranteed to impress any coffee lover. Also included are a number of treats such as chocolate chip cookies, chocolate coated coffee beans and premium Belgian chocolate bars.

The Office Party Hamper

The office party hamper makes for a good holiday gift since it is jumbo sized and has enough goodies for your boss to share with his/her office mates. The hamper includes a bottle of Chandon NV Brut Chardonnay, two Stella Artois beers, an assortment of nuts, crackers, chocolate, pretzels and green olives.

The United Beer Nations Gift Hamper

If your boss loves sampling international beers, then the United Beer Nations Hamper will make the perfect gift. It includes six bottles of international beers which you can choose based on your boss’ preferences. Also included in the hamper is a bar of Toblerone milk chocolate and beer nuts.

The Whisky Classic Hamper

If your boss is a noted whisky aficionado, then you are in luck. The whisky classic hamper includes a 700ml bottle of Chivas Regal that has been matured for 12 years, two branded whisky bottles, marble coasters, chocolate covered macadamia nuts and a cheese platter that includes a pear and almonds.

The Chocoholic Gift Hamper

The chocoholic gift hamper has enough goodies to satiate the boss whose sweet tooth favours chocolate. It includes up to 5 types of the finest chocolate from all over the world. You can choose the type of chocolate to be included depending on your boss’s preference.

The White Wine Christmas Collection

This is the perfect hamper for the boss that enjoys a few glasses of white wine regularly. It includes a bottle of premium McGuigan Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2014 vintage and a host of other goodies such as jam shortbread, Christmas pudding and a box of chocolates.

The Cookie and Chocolate Galore Gift hamper

What makes the cookie and chocolate galore hamper impressive is that it works for bosses who have a sweet tooth as well as bosses that have young children at home. The hamper is generously filled with handmade premium cookies and chocolates. Included in the hamper is biscotti, gourmet fudge, an assortment of chocolate boxes, fudge biscuits and delicious shortbread biscuits.

The Go Nuts Gluten Free Hamper

This is the perfect gift hamper for the boss that enjoys light snacks regularly during the workday. It includes macadamia nuts, caramel popcorn, wallaby bites, flavoured coffee beans, and sachets of drinking chocolate and tea bags.

The ANZAC Ciders Hamper

If your boss enjoys the occasional cider, then this hamper will make a perfect holiday gift. It includes five premium bottles of cider from all over the world as well as accompanying bites such as green olives, potato crisps and assorted nuts.

Crack a Coldie Beer Hamper

This is the ultimate hamper for a boss who enjoys beer. It includes five types of beer: Becks lager, Heineken, Crown Lager, Cooper’s pale ale and Pure Blond low carb lager. Also included are an assortment of beer nuts, crackers, cashew nuts and pretzels.

All the listed hampers come with beautiful packaging, and in most cases, you can further customise them to your boss’s specific tastes by adding extra goodies.


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