Father’s Day Gift Ideas for The Car Enthusiast

Gift Ideas

Men can be so hard to buy gifts for, and it just gets harder and harder every year to buy him something he wants, after all, you don’t want to buy some gift that will just sit in the back of a cupboard collecting dust.

If your Dad is a real car enthusiast here are some great gifts ideas, he’ll love his gift so much; he’ll be counting down the days until the next Father’s Day.


Car detailing – it can be a tough job being a dad, especially if you have younger children, that can take their toll on his pride and joy. There isn’t a dad out there who has a car that doesn’t need a good vacuum and a wipe over. Having someone come to the house and wash his car for him, making it spotless inside and out will make him feel like a king. You can hire Car Care Professionals for car detailing.

Exotic car experience – there aren’t many dads out there who can say they have driven a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, but there are services out there, that let you drive, one of these high-performance cars for a day. Simply Google exotic car experiences to find the one that is closest to you.

Suit accessories – if your dad works in an office environment and wears a suit all day, why not give him some car inspired accessories. Go for something in silvers and gold, a nice pair of cufflinks in the shape of a car, or a tie pin. Dad can wear accessories that are car related that aren’t over the top and are still practical.

Socks – I know you’re asking *socks??? Really???* boring old socks are often the *go-to* last minute gift for Dad’s. They are the gift that goes straight into a drawer never to be seen again. Why not buy some cool socks – v8 Supercars, Holden, Ford, etc., there are lots of car related socks available. He’ll enjoy wearing his favourite car brand; he’ll wish you’d given him 7 pairs!

Money Clips – for the dad who really doesn’t like to carry a wallet – especially in his suit, they can be big and bulky, so a nice car themed money clip will keep his notes together. Look for money clips that have his favourite car brand on them or any other automotive designs.

Car art – for the home office, office or man cave, you’ll be able to find limited edition collector prints, signed by his favourite V8 Supercars or Formula 1 drivers. If you don’t want to spend too much money there are lots of nice car prints available – from rally cars and V8 Supercars to Formula 1 and your general car manufacturers – Holden, Ford, Toyota…. You can get a small plate engraved to attach with it, so Dad will always know when he got the frame and who it was from.

Race car office chair – does your dad spend a lot of time at his desk. Stores like Harvey Norman and Office Works sell racing car style chairs that come in great colours. It’s a very cool office accessory, and also practical, especially if Dad’s current office chair is beginning to wear out.

Model Cars – no matter how old your dad gets, he’s still going to be a little boy at heart, while you can’t buy him the full-size car of his dreams, you can buy him a scaled down copy

Key Chains – well, Dad has a set of car keys, why not add a car themed key-chain? From car brand key-chains to chains with small cars, spark plugs, tyres and so much more attached. Your local auto-parts store should stock a good range that you can choose from.

Classic Car Movies – there are so many great car movies available on DVD to buy for your dad, from the latest Fast and Furious to some older classic movies – Le Mans, Bullitt, Gone in 60 Seconds or Vanishing Point, most of these have a car – as the star. What a better way to spend Father’s Day afternoon than watching a car movie with your dad.

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