What to expect after breast augmentation

What to Expect After Breast Augmentation

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As with any surgical procedure, there is a recovery process that follows breast augmentation. There are a few things you will need to know – from how to sleep, to when to exercise and even what swelling to expect.

Will There be Any Pain, And How Long Will It Last?

Every patient is different, and there is really is no one size fits all style answer here. There will be some initial pain, that can last one to four days, and while you will be given painkillers, it’s advisable to stop using them as soon as you can. Over the following weeks, you’ll find the pain level decreases until it is finally gone. You can avoid discomfort by avoiding heavy lifting, taking some over the counter pain medications and by resting.

Will My Nipples be More Sensitive?

Some patients do experience nipple pain following surgery, but only a small number experience a burning feeling or sharp pains when touched lightly. If you feel the sensation of pins and needles, burning or any shooting type pains, this could be Dysesthesia – the implant is pressing on a nerve and pain should generally stop after 2 to 6 weeks, after the swelling goes down. It is not really anything to worry about, massage and the natural healing process should get rid of the pain.

Breasts That Feel Tight – Do They Get Softer After Surgery?

Yes. Breasts feel firmer following surgery due to swelling. The breast implants themselves are soft and don’t harden. Following surgery, you can experience swelling, it will dissipate over time, as the swelling goes down, you will notice your breasts start to feel softer. Another factor that can affect how firm your breasts feel – is the tightness of your skin. If you had loose skin prior to the surgery you can expect softer looking and feeling breasts. If you had tight skin before surgery you can expect a firmer feeling during the adjustment period.


FAQ About Post Breast Augmentation Surgery


Should I Massage My Breast After Surgery?

  • Massage after surgery can be beneficial, but every case is different and it is better to wait for your first post-op visit before you begin massaging. This allows for the initial healing period to begin. After the first few days of recovery, massage can be used to –
  • Lower implants that are sitting slightly higher than you wanted
  • Aid in stretching tight skin
  • Reduce scar tissue
  • Reduce asymmetry between the breasts

How Long do Breasts Stay Swollen Following Surgery?

Swelling is completely normal, and it will go away over time. You should see some improvement after the first month, but all swelling should be gone two to three months after surgery. Your body needs time to adjust to the change in shape of your breast, not only will the swelling go down, but your muscle and skin need to adjust around the new implants too.

What If Implants Have Been Placed too High?

It is normal for breast implants to sit high on the chest during the recovery period. They are placed in a set position with the understanding that gravity will help them settle into a lower and more natural placement following surgery. Within the first 3 months you will notice the implants have dropped, and by 6 months they should be sitting in their natural position.

Do You Need to Sleep on Your Back?

How you sleep following breast augmentation surgery is important, and it is recommended that for the first 6 weeks after surgery you should sleep on your back. Ideally, you’ll stay sleeping on your back, this position allows for symmetry and you won’t get that if you sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back has another benefit – it’s the best position to sleep in to minimise the chances of face and chest wrinkles. Sleeping on your stomach is NOT recommended for those who have had breast augmentation.

When Can You Wear a Push-up Bra?

You should wait at least 6 weeks, this is to ensure the implants have settled into place before you wear a bra that might change their position. Wearing a push-up bra too soon can result in implants that are too high. You want gravity to help your implants settle back into a natural curve. Wearing a push-up bra too soon can also cause irritation to the healing wounds.

When Can I Start Exercising?

You can do some mild movement right after surgery – taking short slow walks is beneficial, but try and keep your arms still. After two weeks, you can start taking more brisk walks, and by 6 weeks your body should have healed enough to resume normal activities.