Are Dessert Pizzas Here to Stay


You will have seen them on menus everywhere from your local pizza shop to the Italian restaurant that you like to visit in the city: the dessert pizza. Now many of us haven’t tried venturing into dessert pizza territory just yet. Those less adventurous have already confused taste buds from the idea of a sweet pizza.

“But pizza is supposed to have tomato sauce and meat!”, I hear you cry. Well, for traditional pizzas that’s true. But surely you’ve tried a BBQ base pizza, a pesto base pizza, perhaps even a curry or cream base pizza. These are all interesting variations on the traditional savoury pizza.

So, what’s so different about venturing into sweet pizza, dessert pizza, territory? There are many desserts that have a bready base to them with other ingredients. French toast is a traditional breakfast sweet staple. We’ve got pancakes with toppings. And how about good old bread and butter pudding? The comforting carby goodness of sweet treats like these fill our bellies and make us feel good.

How about crepes? The crepe is extremely popular in both savoury and sweet versions, and we take no issue with trying both the savoury and sweet types, whenever we feel like one of the other. While pizza base is a little thicker, it’s not really all that different, is it?

This is why dessert pizza is also a thing. What once seemed like a gimmick has now been a mainstay at many Aussie restaurants and cafes around the country. It’s probably time to take the dive into the dessert pizza pool if you haven’t taken a dip yet.

Dessert pizzas aren’t just something fun for the kids to try, they’re a great sweet treat to end your meal for adults, too. If you’re more a fan of the dessert than dinner then it’s the perfect way to do things. Have a nice salad for dinner and then indulge yourself with a dessert pizza to finish the meal.

We love Nutella, which is one of the most popular ingredients as a dessert pizza base. Combine it with some bananas and strawberries, and maybe top with cream when fresh out of the oven and you’ve got a sweet, carb-laden treat, just begging to be gobbled up.

There really is no end to what you can put on dessert pizzas, like a savoury pizza really. Think of what you like to put on pancakes, to begin with, and you’re off to a flying start. For the ultimate in your pizza repertoire, go for a pizza dinner and a pizza dessert – just don’t blame us if your sides split due to eating too much goodness!

While traditionalists look at the dessert pizza as an abomination of traditional Italian pizza cuisine, we believe that dishes are all about experimentation. After all, Australian pizzas as they are don’t have all that much in common with traditional Italian style pizzas unless you go to a traditional Italian restaurant. We’ve adapted them to fit our tastes, and to make them more appealing to the Aussie palate.

Traditional Indian curries were adapted in England to make their very own versions. Curries these days have come to a very different point than what traditional Indian curries used to be unless you go to a traditional Indian restaurant.

We like taking chances, making changes, switching recipes, and trying different bits and pieces until we hit on a brand new flavour sensation, which is what we believe dessert pizzas are.

While they’ll still not popular with the mainstream, perhaps in the years to come they will be, as more and more people try out the dessert pizza and fall in love with them. Like the crepes, you may even find that you prefer a sweet version of the pizza to its savoury pizza version, but then again you’ll never really know if you don’t try it, will you?

If you haven’t yet tried out dessert pizza, then seize the day – carpe diem. It may be one small step for mankind, but one giant leap for your taste buds. You’ve got nothing to lose, do you? Those with a sweet tooth may even find themselves an addict and an advocate of the dessert pizza to their friends and family. Dessert pizza is here to stay, so take a bite.


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