Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Gift Ideas

Shopping for your wife may seem like a quest of mythical proportions. Unless she tells you exactly what she wants, you may find yourself fumbling in malls for weeks. And even if she has specified her exact preferences, there’s still a chance you might buy the wrong size, or get something in fuchsia instead of hot pink. The horror!

One shortcut is to give the cash to a female friend or relative and let them do the shopping on your behalf. However, your wife does love some effort and a personal touch. She’s also likely to be more impressed by a surprise gift for Christmas, rather than something she specifically asked for. Here are a few ideas to point you in the right direction.



Chocolate and Champers

You might not be sure if your lady-love prefers red or white wine, but everybody likes champagne. And you can’t call yourself a husband if you’re unclear about your wife’s feelings towards chocolate. Most women love it, but some may have diabetes or weight worries. In such cases, bringing decadent delights into the house would get you sent to the dog house.

Still, for the most part, you won’t go wrong with a Moet and Chocolate Gift Basket. It’s beautifully packaged in a re-usable tray made of woven fabric, tied off with organza ribbon. The hamper contains a 200 ml bottle of champagne, six chocolates, and two candies.


Magic Cereal Bowl

If your wife has a quirky disposition and a propensity for cereal, you can start every morning with a smile. Of course, cereal lovers will grab their favourite bowl at any time of day, and she will love to think of you with every spoon of her favourite brand. This adorable unicorn bowl works just as well for soup, ice cream, or pudding.

And the unicorn has a name. It’s Elwood. Elwood’s silhouette, mane, and horn are all painted by hand. He is made of natural stone, and enjoys heating up in microwaves or taking sudsy baths in a dishwasher. He’s not fond of open flames though, so don’t use him to cook.

Birchbox Beauty Subscription

Let your lovely wife explore beauty products in the easiest, most stress-free way possible. Every month, she will receive a customised Birchbox with five new beauty products that she can try out. The products will come in sample size, so if she likes any of them, she can order a full-size pack and earn loyalty points which can be traded in for discounts.

After the first month, your wife can pre-select one item she’d love to sample and get four other samples at random. The boxes will be prepared with her product preferences in mind, so if you want to surprise her, get a friend or relative that knows her well. Let this Santa’s Helper fill out a Birchbox profile for your wife so that she gets samples she will enjoy.

Beautiful Boho Bracelets

Friendship bracelets aren’t just for little girls. Give your wife some bright, colourful jewellery to grace her wrists and keep her distracted in long lines. They make a good talking point when she needs to make new friends in the queue, or when she wants something to twiddle in the waiting room. The Pura Vida bracelets don’t fade in the sun and are fully beach-safe.

You can even wear them in the shower, and the longer you wear them, the better they look. They definitely age well. A pack comes with six bracelets in assorted styles, and each one is coated in wax to make it waterproof. They have adjustable width and are embellished with a ‘P’ charm made of copper coated with iron.

Heart-Shaped Umbrella

Brighten up her gloomy days with a brolly that will always have her thinking of you. This umbrella may be too late for wintry drizzles, but she’ll love it so much she’ll probably take it out in the sunshine as well. This crimson, heart-shaped umbrella is pretty and practical. Its 16-spoke design is wind-proof, and it comes with an ergonomic handle.

It reminds her that you’re always thinking of her and that you’re not beyond a little sappiness when you show your love for her. It will give you peace of mind, knowing she’s stylishly dry. It may also save you the drama that occurs when her gorgeous new hairdo gets wet. Sounds like a win-win!

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