Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

Gift Ideas

The Christmas cheer is coming in! Surely, you have a dinner or a small gathering (or both!) already planned for that week. Would your gathering be a big one or a small one with a few family friends and relatives over alongside your immediate family, will it be in the office after an all-nighter, or will you be spending it with someone special?

No matter how you may have ended up celebrating Christmas, there is usually an exchange of gifts in the end. Now how should you choose your gift? What if the exchange of gifts is random? What if it’s done by picking out a name from a fish bowl some days before the Christmas dinner? It’ll be a lot easier if you are just going to gift everyone at the party, but that could cost money and you may forget gifting one or two persons—which would be worrisome.

When it comes to gifting someone, always put in mind the perspective of your receiver. Would this be something he would end up using or something he would throw to the attic and forget it? Try to be as considerate of the receiver’s feelings. You’ll know the efforts are worth it when you see the smiling face of the receiver.


Something Useful

The safest way of gifting someone would probably be leaning toward items that could be used by a person no matter their age and gender. One example is office or school supplies, shelf organizers, or a water bottle. Many people often think of something grand or extraordinary, but you can actually stand out by gifting something the receiver could use in many ways. However, don’t overdo it and gift a set of pens or a pad of paper. Just imagine the broken heart of that little kid.

Christmas Gift Ideas- Night Lamp

Use a bit of your imagination. If your receiver is a girl, would she want a dark blue notebook? If he’s actually a little boy, would he find a journal useful? Consider gifting a pillow or a blanket. It could also be a white cap, a lampshade, or a night light.

If you do not have to consider the age, or all of you are young adults, gift something a little funny yet useful. Gift your receiver pillowcases or a pot holder. If you don’t think a little humour is advisable, gift your anonymous receiver shelf organizers, a set of air-tight containers, a photo album or a picture frame, or a statuette they could place on a shelf to make the cabinet attractive.


Coupons or Gift Cheques or Cards

If you absolutely have no idea or don’t have the time to do the gift shopping yourself, buy gift cheques your receiver could use when they would do their own shopping. Some stores sell them before the Christmas season at a price that is cheaper than the actual price the coupon is worth for, so look out on those discounts!

Christmas Gift Ideas- Gift Cards

While it is tempting to gift money instead of gift cards, gift cheques, or coupons, it’s still not advisable because it’s like telling your receiver you just don’t have the time to buy the gift at all. And it’s more fun to open a gift which has something worth looking at, instead of seeing dollars in an envelope while others have received gifts that the senders have put more thought and effort into.


Anything Edible

Some people would prefer to be gifted with something edible to keep the home free of clutter caused by having too many identical items. You can find an assembled basket of goodies at shopping centres or supermarkets. Do a little research on where you can buy these gift sets. Some of these would have to be purchased at the store, while some could be purchased online.

Christmas Gift Ideas- Edible Gifts

Some have a combination of wines and biscuits, some have teas and wines, and some have beers and nuts. You can also bring this basket over to the Christmas dinner with your friends or family, so you can share the items with them when you have a little drinking session after the children have been tucked in. Take this chance to catch up with one another and know more about the people you barely know.

If you are leaning towards gifting a basket with no alcohol, that’s fine too, if the exchange of gifts would involve just the adults, that is. Consider also gifting a pack of a particular food, such as a tin can of various biscuits or a pack of premium chocolates.



Some accessories come in styles that would not be particularly feminine or masculine. A couple of examples are a leather pouch or a metal credit card wallet. Take a stroll around shopping centers or flea markets. Look for an extra special ornament that any individual may appreciate being gifted with. How about a small antique-styled jewellery organiser, a desk organiser, or a wool scarf?

Christmas Gift Ideas- Christmas Gift Ideas- Antiques



Cosmetics don’t necessarily mean makeup. It refers to anything that improves the appearance of the body or the face. Some shops selling cosmetics sell skincare items that come in sets. If you are sure that your receiver is a woman and is someone who loves cosmetics, then choose the liquid which color is feminine and the scents are strikingly feminine. You can also consider gifting her a makeup set.

If you aren’t sure of the gender of your receiver, opt for skincare with minimal scent but would surely be nourishing to the skin, such as an olive oil variety. Ask for the opinion of the storekeeper if you’re confused about the benefits each item could offer. Smell the scent and consider if it is something acceptable to the receiver.

Christmas Gift Ideas- Christmas Gift Ideas-Cosmetics


Gadget Accessories

One of the things that any individuals would appreciate no matter their age and gender is accessories compatible with their gadgets, such as a Bluetooth speaker. If you’re not sure whether your receiver is an Android user or an iPhone user, make sure to check with the storekeeper whether the accessory is compatible with any gadget. Also, try the stock you are going to purchase before paying for it.

Christmas Gift Ideas- Christmas Gift Ideas-Gadgets Accessories

Ask the storekeeper if there is a gift stub available for when your receiver would have troubles with the item. The risk of not having the stub is having to give the receiver the receipt, which would mean he would see how much you paid for it and where you bought it. That would definitely spoil the surprise and could make things awkward.

You can be as creative as you want when it comes to gifting someone. The most thrilling part is not knowing who the receiver is and finding out the reaction of the receiver once he gets a hold of your present. Christmas is the time to make surprises, so you don’t have to be conventional when it comes to thinking of what to send as a gift.


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