The Best Toppings For Thick Crust Pizza


It’s one of the age-old debates: thin versus thick crust pizza. Some people prefer the crispy texture that comes from a thin crust pizza whereas others argue a thick crust gives the pizza an unparalleled fluffiness and more depth. Whatever side you’re on, this rundown on the best toppings for a thick crust pizza will convert even the most devoted thin and crispy fans.


Get more out of your thick crust

A thick crust pizza can hold more sauce and toppings than a thin crust. Fact. Use this to your advantage, and the possibilities are endless. Forget the motto less is more – when it comes to a thick crust pizza, more is what you’re looking for! Going all out on the toppings is the best way to complement a thick pizza base. A thin crust pizza can’t handle too much weight when it comes to toppings, so you don’t have as much freedom when adorning your pizza. Whereas not enough toppings on a thick crust will leave you with a sad and empty looking pizza – and we don’t want that!

The beauty of a thick crust pizza lies in the fact that it can handle the most daring of toppings. Experiment with spicy ingredients like jalapenos, hot pepperoni and a drizzle of chilli sauce to really make the flavours pop (not for the faint-hearted!)

For meat lovers, you can load up your pizza with a barbecue base and pile on the sausage, chicken, ham and pepperoni without fear of your dough caving in from all that meaty goodness. More crust = more meat.

A thick crust pizza is a vegetarian’s best friend as you can pile on as many fresh veggies as you like. Think onions, capsicums, zucchini, mushrooms, artichoke, pumpkin, eggplant – whatever your heart desires. The variety of ingredients on your veggie pizza won’t be too overpowering as your thick crust will help balance out the flavours so you can go wild!

For all you cheese-lovers out there, we’ve got some great news for you. Unlike a thin crust, a thick crust pizza has a deeper edge that will allow you to pack more cheese in there – even within the crust if you like! Some of the best types of cheeses to put on your thick crust pizza include mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, feta, and blue cheese – or a combination of all of them!

A great way to add freshness to your thick crust pizza is by using light and zesty toppings – perfect for the hot summer months we have coming up. Try a delicious seafood pizza with scallops and king prawns, complemented with garlic, herbs and fresh lemon. The perfect choice for days spent outdoors in the fresh air!


Get saucy

It’s not just about the toppings and the dough – a good sauce is a vital component to any pizza, especially when it comes to thick crust. You can go all out when it comes to applying sauce on your thick crust, as the dough will soak some of it up! Opt for the classic tomato sauce, or experiment with some more exciting flavours. Barbeque goes really well with shredded chicken, onions and mushrooms. Pesto mayonnaise gives your thick crust pizza a tremendous Italian flavour that goes well with fresh tomatoes and plenty of mozzarellas. For a flavour sensation, try a roasted red capsicum spread with sliced steak and black pepper or an olive tapenade paired with Mediterranean veggies. A drizzle of a punchy and robust garlic aioli is perfect over a meaty beef pizza, whereas a topping of fresh Greek yoghurt can bring out the flavours of Tandoori chicken and provide some balance.

We hope these topping suggestions have got you feeling inspired to try a thick crust pizza next time you order! There are so many possibilities when it comes to toppings, so get creative and choose quality ingredients on your thick crust pizza.


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