Improve Men's Sexual Health

10 Tips to Improve Men’s Sexual Health

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While some men take their sexual health for granted, the clever among us know that there are certain things that we can do to ensure that we remain in tip-top health, or get back to our previous levels. Here are 10 of the best tips to help you get there.

Tips to Improve Men's Sexual Health

1. Exercise

They say that exercise cures all, and while it’s not all true, it is to at least some degree. Exercise helps you get fitter, de-stress, and lower your blood pressure. If sexual health issues are plaguing you then a good place to start is with exercise. If you aren’t very fit or don’t like fitness you can start off with something as simple as walking or taking yoga or pilates classes – yes they are for men too!

2. Eat healthy

Exercise, then what’s next? That’s eating healthy, of course! Eating healthy involves eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg, with protein and the odd complex carbohydrate. If you’re eating whacking great slabs of meat on the regular or your diet consists of pizza, fried chicken and burger (with maybe the odd plate of sushi) then you’re doing it wrong – make the switch, or get a nutritionist’s help.

3. Get enough sleep

Having enough sleep is the key to a healthy body and mind which helps you to excel in all areas of life, not just in your sexual adventures. Those who aren’t getting enough sleep are running down their bodies – without enough time overnight to recuperate. While everyone needs a different amount of sleep as an average and minimum, most people require around 8 hours – but like we mentioned, with some people it’s more, and with some, it’s less.

4. Meditate

Mediation is a wonderful activity that everyone should practice to clear their mind and to distress. Meditation can come in many different forms, from guided meditations through to your own quiet meditation. If you are unsure where to begin, you can try different YouTube videos or head along to a local course that will teach you how to meditate – give it a go!

5. Address any ongoing health issues

A dodgy knee here, an ongoing cough there… if you have ongoing health issues, then it’s time that you got them sorted out. While you might not think that your health issues are having an impact on your sexual health, this may not be the case at all. Sometimes some health issues are indicative of larger, underlying issues, and sometimes they might even be directly related to your sexual health.

6. Declutter your life

There is something to be said for decluttering your life. As the years wear on, we find that we accumulate more and more “stuff”, until we find it crowding out our homes, desks, and lives. It pays to give yourself a good decluttering now and then – across all these different places. With a clear desk, a clean home, we can have a clear mind, too.

7. Examine your relationship

Are your sexual health issues a product of issues in your relationship, perhaps? If you are having some issues in your relationship, or have just embarked on a new relationship and are experiencing sexual health issues, then it might be some certain aspects of your relationship that need to be addressed, rather than simply the physical aspects that are plaguing you.

8. Take up a new hobby

Increased joy in other areas of life can lead over to increased joy in other areas, too. This is why it pays to take up a new hobby you enjoy, like painting, or volunteer your time somewhere you enjoy, like out in the bush.

9. Give the porn a rest

The thing about porn is that it’s a great way for you to unwind sexually solo, but if you start relying on it to enjoy yourself sexually, then you are not going to be able to experience as intense times with your partner, and you might not even be able to become aroused or get to orgasm. Instead, try masturbation without the assistance of porn, at least every other time.

10. Seek doctor’s assistance

If you’ve tried all these things, or even if you’d just like a bit of professional advice to go along with it – or even professional products that can help you last longer in bed etc. – then you should book into see a doctor about it. A doctor can help point you in the direction of the best products and services that can help you be back in peak sexual health in no time.